Use these resources to learn about and raise funds for an AAUW program or grant.

Fundraising Policy 501 and Resources

AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 and its related guidelines and FAQs will help AAUW and all AAUW-affiliated entities stay current and preserve their nonprofit status. Read more »

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The Power of Membership Recruitment Video

As an AAUW member, you already know how AAUW opens the doors of opportunity to women and girls through our programs, research, and advocacy. But now you can show the world! We’re proud to introduce our fabulous new recruitment video!
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Fundraising Policy 501 Guidelines

The AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 Guidelines explain the new policy in plain, easy-to-understand language and spell out what AAUW and the IRS expect of AAUW members when fundraising. Read more »

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Fundraising Policy 501

AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 (previously 402) is designed to assist AAUW state organizations, branches, and other AAUW-affiliated entities in raising funds to support AAUW’s mission. Read more »

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Engage Your Community — Screen a Movie! Program in a Box

Films that resonate with AAUW’s mission are an outstanding way to engage your community in a conversation about women’s issues. Read more »

Leader Essentials: A Collection of Resources for AAUW Officers

Leader Essentials (formerly the Starter Kit) contains resources to help AAUW branch and state volunteer leaders accomplish their recruitment and retention, programming, fundraising, and other organizational goals to keep the AAUW community thriving. Read more »

National Office Update: AAUW Funds Chairs

AAUW Funds chairs have great responsibility, making it possible to deliver much-needed local and national programs to advance equity for women and girls. Understand your role in achieving our mission and learn ways to inspire others in your branch to engage in activities that will drive the mission forward. Read more »

  |     |   July 01, 2013

Workshop: What Kind of Champion Are You?

Learn about AAUW programs and resources available to branches and members and the types of champions needed to help advance our mission locally and nationally. Read more »

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Workshop: Branch Fundraising Ideas: Old and New, Tried and True

Whether you are an officer or an engaged member, you can learn many ways to raise funds in your community to support AAUW priorities. Hear from other members about fun and creative ways to raise awareness about your branch while “friend-raising” and fundraising. Read more »

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Workshop: Digging for Gold: Uncovering Corporate Funding for Your Branch

This workshop dispels the idea that corporate foundations are where the money is. Instead, you learn to approach businesses from the marketing and business development angle. Read more »

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