These resources provide information about the fellowships and grants funded by AAUW.

History of the Coretta Scott King Fund

In 1969, the former AAUW Educational Foundation launched the Coretta Scott King Fund, providing opportunities for black women to study African American history and culture, social change, and peace. Read more »

  |   ,   |   February 02, 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

Established in 1989, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equality and education for women and girls. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   February 02, 2013

AAUW Alumnae Exchange Newsletter

Get the latest news about AAUW fellows and grantees. Learn about their recent achievements, read profiles, and get up-to-date about AAUW’S Alumnae Initiative. Read more »

  |   ,   |   April 01, 2012

AAUW Alumnae Exchange (Spring 2012)

In the Spring 2012 newsletter, AAUW profiles Carol Franco, a 2005-2006 International Fellow who studies climate change and its effects on different populations. Read more »

  |   ,   |   March 06, 2012