Curriculum Development

Use these resources to promote gender discussions for K–12 education.

2015 Tech Trek Camp Application

Apply to host a Tech Trek camp in the summer of 2015! AAUW branches, states, and affiliated entities are welcome to apply.

DEADLINE: September 1, 2014 Read more »

Lesson Plan: Engineering So Simple an Elementary Student Could Do It

Getting students — especially girls — involved with STEM fields at an early age can have a lasting effect on their futures. Spending even one week the in the classroom on a project like this can make all the difference for girls. Download Uzma Shah’s lesson plan, “Wheels in Motion,” for your classroom today and get more girls involved with engineering! Read more »

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Chalkboard with the word Mentoring, surrounded by words caoching, motivation, training, advice, help, leadership, direction, success, develop, and inspire.

How to Talk about Mentoring

Want to bring mentoring up at your next meeting or in a conversation? Here are some resources and sample questions to help guide your discussions, from being a good mentee to finding mentor-themed programs. Read more »

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Girl Scouts in a classroom holding up pieces of paper related to the lesson plan

Use This Lesson Plan to Introduce Girls to Engineering

Winning “Battle of the Plans” lesson, Fifth-Graders Can Be Industrial Engineers, Too! A Greeting Card Assembly Line, teaches girls what it’s like to be an industrial engineer through a creative activity that models assembly-line production. Read more »

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2013 AAUW National Convention Presentation Resources

Download PowerPoint presentations, handouts and more from 2013 AAUW National Convention workshops, Special Interest Groups and National Office Updates. Read more »

Workshop: STEM in Your Community: Hosting an Exciting and Educational Event

This workshop provided information on how to plan science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for girls in your local community. Read more »

A young woman opening a glass door where you can see in her reflection that she is smiling. The words Women in Community College: Access to Success on the door.

PowerPoint Presentation: Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success

Use this presentation to share the findings from AAUW’s latest research report Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success at meetings, conferences, and other events. Read more »

Engineer a Lesson 2013: A STEM for Girls Lesson Plan

The winning submission to AAUW’s 2013 Battle of the Plans: Engineer a Lesson lesson plan contest is available for teachers and educators to use in their own classrooms.  Contest winner […] Read more »

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Research Panel Webcast

Research Panel Webcast: Graduating to a Pay Gap

On November 15, 2012, AAUW launched Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation with a presentation of the findings followed by commentary from a panel of experts. Read more »

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Graduating to a Pay Gap Executive Summary and Recommendations

Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation Executive Summary and Recommendations is an abbreviated version of the full report, released in October, 2012. Read more »