Community Outreach

Use these resources to make connections and develop relationships with your local community, including with newspapers, businesses, schools, and residents.

UM-Dearborn’s Campus Action Project: Having Our Potential Empowered Mentoring Program

Through pairing 12 college women students with 12 high school women students, this CAP team worked to overcome some of the educational barriers low-income and minority young women face in the Dearborn, MI, area. The year-long mentoring program focused on achieving high school graduation, college readiness, life skills, leadership roles, and career goals. Some of the activities the mentor/mentee pairs engaged in included a campus tour, career fair, and life skills workshop. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   February 01, 2009

AAUW Outlook Magazine — Fall/Winter 2008

Volume 102, No. 2 The Internet and Women: Shaping a New Society Barriers to equity are a fact of life. Find out how women are building new online communities and […] Read more »

  |   ,   |   December 09, 2008

Bradley University’s Campus Action Project: Girls CAN!

Through a series of workshops, events, and projects held throughout the spring, the Bradley University CAP Team in Peoria, Illinois, raised the awareness of 50 girls in the 4th grade about STEM. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   October 25, 2008

University of Scranton’s Campus Action Project: Women Open Doors

The University of Scranton CAP Team in Scranton, Pennsylvania, paired 50 high school sophomores with trained college students in a mentoring program focused on college readiness which culminated in a day trip to the university. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   October 09, 2008

SUNY Oneonta’s Campus Action Project: Decreasing Barriers, Planting SEEDS

Student SUNY Oneonta CAP Team members in Albany, New York, produced a 30-minute documentary featuring interviews with students from the target population about issues and barriers they faced in attending college and how some of those barriers are overcome. Read more »

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Shenandoah University’s Campus Action Project: Empowering Moms, Empowering Minds

Through two main initiatives the Shenandoah University CAP Team in Winchester, Virginia, addressed issues facing singles moms who want to attend college. Read more »

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Doane College’s Campus Action Project: Helping Immigrant Girls See Themselves in College

The Doane College CAP Team in Crete, Nebraska, paired college women and Hispanic female high school students in the area in mentoring relationships and in April they held a career day for 100 rural students. Read more »

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California State University, Fullerton’s Campus Action Project: Promoting Mathematical Confidence among Latina Pre-Service Teachers

The CAP Team at California State University, Fullerton empowered Latinas preparing to be mathematics teachers through team meetings with Latina students, conducting video interviews with the students, creating an interactive website with resources and interview clips, and presenting their findings at campus forums. Read more »

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AAUW Outlook Magazine — Spring/Summer 2008

Volume 102, No. 1 Where the Girls (and Boys) Are — and Where the Real Crisis Is AAUW’s latest research report examines the current state of education, highlighting the progress […] Read more »

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Programming Guide: Where the Girls Are: The Facts About Gender Equity in Education

The guide gives suggestions for group activities, community outreach, and other activism to raise awareness of gender equity in education. Read more »