Workshop: STEM in Your Community: Hosting an Exciting and Educational Event

This workshop provided information on how to plan science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for girls in your local community. Included are AAUW national resources that will help with planning STEM events, a map showing which states have existing STEM programs, questions to help best assess the needs of your local community, and contact information for STEM Task Force members and branches that have hosted some of AAUW’s longest-running STEM programs and events. With this information, your AAUW branch will be prepared to plan an event for girls in your area.

Resources included for the “Designing Effective Meetings” workshop:

  1. AAUW National STEM Resources (PDF)
  2. Local STEM Programs Map (PDF)
  3. STEM Event Community Needs Assessment (PDF)
  4. STEM Task Force Contacts
  5. Successful STEM Branch Programs Handout (PDF)

This workshop was originally presented at the AAUW 2013 National Convention by AAUW STEM Task Force members Kim Edgar, Ellen Nolan, and Gerry Oberman.

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