Workshop: Elect Her: Building the Pipeline of Women in Politics

This workshop gave an overview of Elect Her — Campus Women Win, the only national program to encourage and train college women to run for student government and beyond. Participants learned the basics of the program, why it is important both for AAUW’s mission and society as a whole, and how it relates to recent research on young women and political office. Participants received an overview of the Elect Her application process and left with a plan for action on how to bring the program to their local area.

Resources included for the “Elect Her: Building the Pipeline of Women in Politics” workshop:

  1. Elect Her Building the Pipeline of Women in Politics PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
  2. Elect Her Informational Packet (PDF)
  3. Elect Her Application Details (PDF)
  4. Elect Her Recruiting Worksheet for AAUW Members (PDF)

This workshop was originally presented at the AAUW 2013 National Convention by AAUW Director of Campus Leadership Programs Kate Farrar.

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