Using AAUW Resources

As a branch leader, you have many responsibilities. AAUW recognizes all the hard work you put in as a volunteer and we want to make your job easier for you. One way that we can help is with the new resources section.

The new resources section, which can be accessed from a link at the top of any page on our website, replaces the content that used to be in the member center. Content is organized based on what the resource is (“type”) and how it is used (“tags”). This overview will teach you how to filter by type or tag and give you other tips for navigating the resources section.


When you get to the resources section, types of resources like forms, presentations, and Programs in a Box are listed at the top. Once you select a type, a list of tags, which are used to describe common uses for the resource, will show up. You can narrow the results by selecting a tag that is relevant to how you will use the resource. Are you using it for branch programming? Is it for fundraising? Or is it for recruitment and retention? Select the tag that best matches your need and the resources will be listed with the most recently updated on the top.


If you don’t know what type of resource you want, you can also choose from the list of tags based on how you plan on using what you’re looking for. You can get directly to tags via the left-hand navigation bar on the resources page. Click the plus (+) sign next to “tags” to display the full list. Selecting a tag will bring up a list of every resource associated with that tag. If, for example, you’re looking for fundraising ideas, you would click the “fundraising” tag to get a list of all of the resources associated with fundraising.

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If many resources meet your selected criteria, only the 10 most recently updated ones will be listed. You will see additional pages listed below these first 10. Each page will display up to 10 additional results.


If you cannot find what you need using this navigation, the best thing to do will be to search for the item. Our search tool is powered by Google and uses both keywords and resource popularity to find results. Some tips for searching: Use plain language, don’t use quotation marks, and you don’t need to include “AAUW” in your search terms.


Most of the old website content has now moved to the new website, but some files needed to be updated first. We are doing our best to get these files added in order of need, but if you cannot find what you need, please contact