2014 Tech Trek Camp Application

This application is now closed. If you have any questions, please e-mail stem@aauw.org.

Before you apply, here are some more details about the application process and the ins and outs of planning a Tech Trek science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) camp.

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Submitting the Application

How do I turn in my application?

Applications for hosting a 2014 Tech Trek Camp are now closed.

Do I need to include anything else with the application?

Applicants must submit a sample budget, a budget narrative explaining each item on the budget and potential sources of funding and in-kind donations, and signed position descriptions for all committee members. Additionally, applicants will need to specify their IRS designation — 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) — and whether a special projects fund has been established for AAUW state or branch programs.

Should I attach a sample camp schedule to my application?

No. A sample schedule is not required.

Do I need hand in a curriculum with the application?

No, the curriculum does not need to be complete at this time. However, grantees are encouraged to begin planning curriculum and programming early. A camp schedule will be due in spring 2014.
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Do I need to be a member of AAUW to be a camp director?

Yes, all Tech Trek camp directors must be AAUW members.

If I am an AAUW national member but not affiliated with a branch, can I still apply?

No, camp directors must be affiliated with a branch or state organization so that they can depend on other AAUW members for backup and assistance.

Can a state organization or another AAUW group host a Tech Trek camp?

Yes, AAUW groups other than branches are welcome to apply; state organizations have successfully hosted Tech Trek in the past.

Does the college or university hosting Tech Trek need to be an AAUW college/university partner member?

Yes. Check if the campus is already a C/U partner member. Applicants can list up to two schools as possible camp locations.

What other qualifications are there to applying?

All branches or states that apply to host a Tech Trek camp in 2014 must use the AAUW Membership Payment Program and must have an AAUW Site Resources website. All committee members for your camp are required to regularly use e-mail, as most Tech Trek communications from the national office will be conducted that way.
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Site Selection

Who will be reviewing my application?

Tech Trek site applications are reviewed by an independent committee made of STEM Task Force members as well as other volunteers who are selected based on their knowledge of STEM educational programming.

How many new Tech Trek sites will be selected for 2014?

AAUW will select at least three new sites.

What will my branch or state receive if we are chosen?

All new Tech Trek sites receive a grant of $10,000, a Tech Trek Tool Kit, and a website for their camp. New Tech Trek camp directors are paired with mentors from past Tech Trek programs. Additionally, AAUW provides an all-expenses-paid training October 12–14 in Washington, D.C., for camp directors.

Will I need to arrange a hotel room or flight for the training?

The camp training is funded by the AAUW national office, so a hotel room will be arranged for you. Flights must be booked by each camp director and will be reimbursed.

When will I be notified if my branch or state was chosen?

Decisions will be released via e-mail September 16.

What is the next step after a site is chosen?

Each location is required to return a contract to AAUW within a week of being selected.
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Camp Structure

Does the camp need to be residential?

Yes. The successful camp model from AAUW of California is residential for several reasons. The overnight experience provides the girls a feeling of what it is like to be in college. Being on a campus for a full week without their parents or guardians helps empower the girls to be more independent and keeps them focused on what is going on in their classes and activities throughout the week. More girls are served through this model, as they can come from across the state and not have to go home each night.

Does the camp need to take place from Sunday to Saturday?

Yes. The camp must take place during an entire week, with girls checking in midday on Sunday and checking out Saturday morning. This is a critical part of the successful model from AAUW of California, because it gives girls the time to get to know each other and their teachers, bond, and learn so they can take away the full extent of what the program has to offer.

What camp staff will I need?

During the week of your event, the camp director, dorm monitors, junior counselors, and teachers are on campus with the girls. All camp staff are volunteers and must become AAUW members to be covered by insurance. Position descriptions will be provided to grantees.

How are parents involved in Tech Trek?

Parents and other family members are given a short orientation on Sunday when they drop off their campers. This session includes information about AAUW, what the girls will be doing during the week, how to keep campers from getting homesick, as well as other logistical or safety information. Often parents are also invited to come for a closing session on Friday night or Saturday to see the projects the girls worked on throughout the week.
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Financial Guidelines

Who is the fiscal agent for Tech Trek — my branch or state or the national office?

AAUW national is the fiscal agent for all new camps. All donations and grant money to the camp will go through the national office. This provides each site with a built-in financial structure that allows for donations to be tax deductible, efficient processing of registration fees, and a fundraising page on the national AAUW website. Branches are also able to get soft credit for their donations. With AAUW national as the fiscal agent, there are fewer steps for each site to take regarding accounting and financial management.

Is the $10,000 grant given out in one lump sum?

No, the grant will be disbursed during the year. All expenses must be sent to AAUW national with receipts or as check requests. AAUW will send checks to individuals who need reimbursement or stipends.

What if my state or branch is a 501(c)(3)? Can donations go there instead?

No, the AAUW national office is the fiscal agent for all new camps, and all money must go through the national office as a tax-deductible donation.

Can branches fund individual girls to attend the camps?

No, there is not a scholarship-based funding structure for the national Tech Trek program. For tax purposes, donations cannot be designated on a scholarship basis to fund individual campers. Branches can, however, raise money for girls from their area and send donations to cover the $50 family fee for girls who cannot pay it.

How much money do I need to raise for my camp?

There is a large range for the cost of hosting a Tech Trek camp; the amount will be based on individual site needs. Branches and states are expected to raise the remaining funds they need for the camp, aside from their $10,000 grant, or obtain in-kind donations. The AAUW national office will assist with the marketing and promotion of the camps.

Can I sell merchandise to help fund the program?

Camps have successfully sold T-shirts and other items in the past. However, buyers cannot write these items off as tax-deductible donations.
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Camper Application and Selection

Who can attend Tech Trek?

Tech Trek is designed for rising eighth-grade girls ages 12–13, a critical time in girls’ lives when many lose interest in science and math. The girls are selected through a competitive application process. All applicants must first be nominated by their 7th grade science or math teachers. An important component of Tech Trek planning is outreach to schools in your area to find students who are a good fit for the program and would truly benefit from the experience.

How are campers selected?

Seventh grade science or math teachers provide students an application. Your AAUW committee reviews applications, interviews prospective campers, and selects the girls for the camp program.

Can campers apply from outside of the city or state?

Tech Trek campers can apply from anywhere in the state where the camp is held. In states with smaller populations, the Tech Trek selection committees have sought nominations from teachers across the entire state. For camps that are close to state borders, campers must come from within the state where the lead AAUW entity is located.

How much does Tech Trek cost for campers?

Apart from a $50 registration fee, all camp costs are covered by the grant and the individual camp’s fundraising. This is a key component of the program, because it allows girls to attend regardless of their families’ financial situations.

How many campers should we plan on hosting?

A first-year camp should plan to accommodate 30–50 girls, based on the capacity of your branch or state and the hosting college or university.
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What makes the Tech Trek curriculum different?

Tech Trek is based on AAUW’s research in Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics?, which contains recommendations for how to increase women’s and girls’ participation in the STEM fields. The Tech Trek curriculum should draw upon this research to create empowering programming for campers. State education standards are also a good measure for curricula, and it is recommended that camp teachers be responsible for coordinating your curriculum over the course of the planning process. Tech Trek also focuses strongly on career opportunities and real-world applications of the skills learned in camp classes.

What does the class schedule look like?

The campers are there for a week and attend core classes in the morning and workshops in the afternoon. Core classes are two to three hours long, and the girls have the same core class throughout the week. Workshops are an hour to an hour and a half and only take place for one or two days of the camp.

What should the classes focus on?

Your curriculum should focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. We recommend that curricula inform the girls about careers in these fields and use teaching tools such as smart boards, iPads, and computers, when possible, as well as hands-on activities that have a strong focus on these subjects.

Are there other activities at camp besides classes?

Yes. It is important that girls also have some physical activities planned during the week. Many camps take the girls to the recreation center on campus, where they can go swimming, play basketball, or use volleyball courts .

Is there a field trip during the week?

Yes. There should be one day when the girls leave campus to go on an educational field trip nearby. This can include museums, science learning centers, environmental preserves, or professional workplaces. It is important that wherever they go, the girls can learn about STEM careers and get a hands-on experience.
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Teachers and Presenters

How are teachers and workshop presenters selected?

Grantees should begin outreach to local schools, colleges, and universities soon after being selected. A teacher/workshop presenter application will be online on each camp’s website. Grantees’ Tech Trek committees are in charge of selecting teachers for their camps.

Are teachers paid?

Teachers at Tech Trek are paid a stipend of $1,200 for a week of teaching. Camp directors cannot function as teachers.
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Existing Camps

My branch or state hosted a Tech Trek camp in 2013. Do I need to submit the application form again?

AAUW has reserved grants for all 2013 Tech Trek programs to host a camp in 2014, but returning sites must submit an application again to indicate changes and improvements for the next year.

Do AAUW of California Tech Trek camps need to apply?

No. The Tech Trek expansion is a new program from the AAUW national office and is based on the successful, long-running Tech Trek model from AAUW California. The AAUW California program continues to be run independently.
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Please contact Ana Kay Yaghoubian, STEM Manager with any more questions at stem@aauw.org or call 800.326.AAUW.