Tech Savvy Application: Bring the STEM Career Conference to a Site Near You

Applications for 2015 are now closed.

What is Tech Savvy?

Tech Savvy is a day-long science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career conference designed to develop the interest of sixth to ninth grade girls in STEM fields and help adults support girls in their STEM interests. Tech Savvy has been an immensely successful program that has taken place in Buffalo, New York, for eight years, and was founded by chemical and biomedical engineer, Tamara Brown and members of the AAUW Buffalo (NY) Branch.

What makes Tech Savvy unique?

  • Based in AAUW research, Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Capacity building workshops and tools to equip parents, educational professionals and volunteers
  • Focus on linking middle school to career, identification of gaps and how girls can fill them
  • Strong industry-college-community collaboration
  • Networking opportunities and building community for volunteers

Key elements of planning a Tech Savvy program:

  • College or university campus: AAUW college/university (C/U) partner member institution agrees to serve as the Tech Savvy site
  • Affirmed AAUW branch or state support: Demonstrated collaboration by an AAUW-affiliated entity
  • Timeframe: Program will be minimum of seven hours, including provided breakfast and lunch
  • Budget: Itemized Tech Savvy budget, with fundraising plan, to match AAUW grant support through branch fundraising efforts and in-kind donations
  • Volunteer and Staffing Plan: Adequate support for Tech Savvy planning and event implementation
  • Program for Adults: Speakers provide information for families on the value of relevant and rewarding STEM careers, as well as academic and financial preparation for college
  • Workshops and Savvy Skills: A curriculum that focuses on hands-on STEM learning and real-life skills, such as public speaking and negotiation
  • College Corner: Girls meet college representatives or alumni who provide information about STEM majors and programs at colleges or universities in the area at Tech Savvy U

AAUW branch and state members will build a successful environment for Tech Savvy as local experts and AAUW will work to create a successful program and establish this new opportunity for girls.

Provided by AAUW National Office Responsibilities of
AAUW Branches/State Sites
Fully funded committee chair training at AAUW national headquarters in Washington D.C. Committee chair attends and utilizes skills for program management
Guidance through the pilot year of the program Build a local network through community outreach
An extensive planning Tool Kit covering every aspect of the program including electronic templates for marketing and program materials Event planning and onsite management
A $6,000 grant for new sites and
a $4,000 grant for returning sites from AAUW
Fundraise or secure in-kind support for the remainder of the budget costs (excluding registration fees)
Programmatic theme Resources based on local talent, availability and area strengths
Promotion on national social media outlets Local promotion and advertisement and event pictures, video and other materials
Ongoing national training and coordination of pilot Committee chair attends monthly conference calls and receives individual support
Online registration Outreach to teachers, schools and parents with goal of 200 in attendance, including girls and adults
Develop and deliver evaluation instruments and conduct assessment analysis Ensure surveys and other evaluation tools are fully utilized

Expectations and Procedures

Fifteen pilot locations will be selected to host Tech Savvy conferences on college and university campuses through June 2015. During this time, AAUW national staff, planning committees, and community volunteers will coordinate all logistics, and committee chairs will participate in monthly all-site conference calls. The following timeline provides major dates and deadlines.

September 28, 2014: Applications are due at 11:59 p.m. EDT to

September 29–October 10, 2014: An independent committee reviews Tech Savvy applications.

October 13, 2014: Applicants notified of decisions by e-mail.

October 17, 2014: Letters of commitment due to the AAUW national office.

November 8–9, 2014: Tech Savvycommittee chairs attend training at AAUW in Washington, D.C.

Read more about the Tech Savvy career conference.

Questions? Please e-mail Ana Kay Yaghoubian, STEM Manager, or call 202.728.7620.