State Finance Chair Position Description

The state finance chair oversees the fiscal and financial operations of the state AAUW organization.

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Work with your state board to evaluate the health and stability of your state organizationʼs finances.
  • Work with your state board to develop a budget that supports the programs and activities described in your organizationʼs strategic plan.
  • Open and maintain bank accounts and establish authorized check signers.
  • Prepare regular state financial reports analyzing actual performance against budget.
  • Be aware of specific federal and state charitable tax issues and legal liabilities.
  • Work with your membership vice president to secure membership renewals and to process dues and fees, including filing the necessary forms with the national office.
  • Process and submit AAUW contributions in compliance with proper financial accounting procedures and Internal Revenue Service regulations.
  • File the appropriate IRS Form 990 if gross receipts exceed $50,000.
  • Electronically file IRS Form 990-N if gross receipts are $50,000 and under or elect to have the AAUW national office assist with the electronic filing of such.
  • Protect the assets of the state by securing adequate insurance coverage.
  • Support the state financial review process by cooperating with other officers or a hired accountant assigned to this task.
  • Retain in good order all financial statements, IRS forms and correspondence, sales and use tax certificates, tax determination letters, paid checks, deposits, and supporting documents (i.e. disbursements, receipts, contracts, licenses, and permits).

Responsibilities to Branches in Your State

Provide support and technical assistance to branch officers as needed. Review and maintain state copies of branch dues and fees, membership reports, and contribution reports.

Responsibilities to AAUW

Work with other officers in your state to ensure that all dues and fees, reports, and contributions are submitted and filed with AAUW’s national office according to established procedures and time lines. Ensure that your state is in compliance with all federal and state charitable tax laws and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles and good business operating practices. Support, protect, and maintain provisions of the AAUW Affiliate Agreement.

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will have experience in planning, budgeting, accounting, project management, team building, consensus building, and fiscal and financial management.

Time Commitments

Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this position requires time to serve on the state board of directors and other committees as assigned.

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