State College/University (C/U) Relations Chair Position Description

The state college/university (C/U) relations chair serves as the link between AAUW and the higher education community to recruit and retain AAUW college/university partner members in her or his state and to increase AAUW’s visibility on campuses.

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Assemble and convene a state C/U committee to plan and implement C/U activities in your state. Include branch C/U chairs in all statewide planning. Recruit a team of people who are familiar with higher education and are effective marketers.
  • Develop an annual action plan that includes specific, measurable goals.
  • Develop and oversee the C/U budget in your state.
  • Ensure that partner-member recruitment and retention priorities are included in your state’s strategic plan and state budget.
  • Encourage all branches to appoint a C/U chair. Advise them on recruiting strategies to help them find the right fit for the position.
  • Provide ongoing support to the branch C/U chairs with communication, resource sharing, and strategy development.
  • Work with other state C/U chairs and the national C/U committee to integrate colleges and universities into other aspects of your state’s activities, including programs, public policy, membership, fellowships and grants, AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund efforts, and your state’s convention.
  • Follow up with branch C/U chairs in support of recruitment initiatives (such as personal letters to campus presidents and C/U representatives in your state).
  • Collaborate with branch C/U chairs to encourage their participation in C/U-related work at state conventions.
  • Develop and implement programs that are geared toward college and university faculty, administrators, staff, and students (for example, AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Campus Outreach Programs).
  • Develop commitments from local colleges and universities and your branch to support students’ attendance at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.
  • Involve C/U representatives in your state conventions, conferences, and special events or invite them to be speakers in their areas of expertise at these events.
  • Assist the membership vice president (MVP) in promoting individual AAUW memberships to graduating seniors, graduate students, faculty, administrators, staff, and other potential AAUW members on campus.
  • Promote the e-student affiliate program to undergraduate students at current C/U partner-member institutions. Request that C/U representatives ask their students to enroll themselves in AAUW’s e-student affiliate program using our online form.
  • Assist the state MVP and branches in organizing campus satellites and state or branch student advisory councils.
  • Participate in state coalitions that will help move AAUW’s C/U efforts forward.
  • Work with branch C/U chairs to collect end-of-semester updates and communicate them to AAUW’s manager of C/U relationships in the national office.
  • Familiarize yourself with the C/U representative job description, specifically the benefits of AAUW membership for C/U partner members. Be able to comfortably refer to them and discuss them in recruitment efforts.

Responsibilities to Branches in Your State

Establish a communications schedule with the branch C/U chairs in your state. Regular contact will help support branch efforts and ensure that branch programs stay on track. Report successful C/U activities to all branches and the AAUW manager of C/U relationships.

Responsibilities to AAUW

Disseminate program and higher-education information to your state board, branches, and community. Keep AAUW informed about branch and state program activities. Inform the AAUW manager of C/U relationships of recruitment efforts, trends, activities, possible joint initiatives, and issues of importance to women on campuses in your state at the end of each semester.

Responsibilities to C/U Partner Members and Representatives

Coordinate with branch C/U chairs to establish a relationship with C/U representatives in your state so that they know you are available to them. Describe AAUW initiatives and relevant research to representatives.

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will be skilled at planning and goal setting, program planning and development, communications, team building, coalition building, mentoring, public speaking, thinking outside
the box, and consensus building. Candidates should also have a passion for college and university student involvement.

Time Commitments

Along with a commitment to spend whatever time is necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, state C/U relations chairs should expect to serve on the state board of directors and other assigned committees and to attend state conventions, board meetings, and regional conferences. State C/U relations chairs also are strongly encouraged to attend the national convention and to meet regularly with branch C/U chairs and local institutional members. They are also expected to call C/U representatives once each semester and to attend several C/U sponsored activities on campus.

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