$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops: Testimonials

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What Sponsors Think

“I love being able to offer the $tart $mart workshop on our campus. It is so satisfying to see young women learn about the steps they can take to ensure their financial future. Women leave the workshop excited about negotiating their first salary and getting paid what they are worth.”
— Kathy Fahl Moxley, women’s center, University of Oklahoma

“The $tart $mart workshop is an exceptional training tool and a positive learning experience for participants to build their confidence to negotiate fair wages, total compensation packages, and develop budgets. Removing the mystique around budgeting and negotiating the fairest wages possible are key elements for participants as they begin their working lives.”
— Dee Thomas, career services, San Diego State University

“The $tart $mart workshop presents valuable information that provides the critical skills women need to negotiate salaries and obtain benefits.”
— Gail Johnson, adjunct lecturer, University of Texas, Tyler

“The $tart $mart workshop was excellent in providing women with the background necessary to accurately access their salary offers. I was particularly impressed by the budget development process and the online tool that enabled students to determine their take-home salaries.”
— Alaine M. Allen, career access program director, University of Pittsburgh

“Working women know college women need the information and skill building that $tart $mart provides. Campuses that offer $tart $mart can be sure they’re making a real, measurable difference in the lives of students.”
— Lisa Rismiller, women’s center, University of Dayton

What Students Think

“The $tart $mart workshop taught me to be my own advocate and about the importance of equity. I now know how to negotiate my worth. As a young woman, I am confident that the skills and techniques I gained in the workshop will be valuable tools for a lifetime.”
Wright State University student

“It was very encouraging to find out as a younger person with little work experience I have some say in my salary. Thanks!”
Casper College student

“This workshop was very interesting and informative. It should be required for every female in college or even while still in high school.”
Florida Gulf Coast University student

“It was very clear and really helped me understand how to think about my value in the workplace and negotiate for a fair salary! I’m ready to go out and negotiate right now!” — Pacific Lutheran University student

“So very helpful! Demystified the negotiation process.”
Wellesley College student