$tart $mart Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn how to bring the $tart $mart workshop to a campus near you

What is the $tart $mart campus initiative?

The $tart $mart campus initiative is a collaboration between AAUW and the WAGE Project, developed
by WAGE to empower college women who are approaching the job market with the tools to negotiate
salaries and benefits. AAUW and WAGE will facilitate workshops at campuses across the country with
the help of AAUW members, who make up the majority of program facilitators.

The initiative includes $tart $mart campus workshops and $tart $mart Facilitator trainings. The
workshops are nuts-and-bolts trainings designed to help young women obtain fair and realistic salaries.
WAGE staff have hosted $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops on more than 228 campuses
throughout the United States.
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Why is $tart $mart necessary? Aren’t today’s women graduates paid the same as their male peers?

No, they aren’t. AAUW research shows that, one year after graduating, young women earn an average
of just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn and that the gender wage gap widens over the
next 10 years. A young woman graduating today will earn roughly $1 million less than her male peer
will over the course of her career because of this gap.
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What topics does a $tart $mart workshop cover?

The workshop explains the consequences of the gender wage gap for young women and teaches personal
budgeting, compensation benchmarking, and skills for negotiating salary and benefits.
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How long is the workshop?

An effective workshop takes about three hours, including time for questions and role playing.
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How is $tart $mart different from the typical programming and services offered by college and university
career centers?

$tart $mart workshops focus on the details of salary negotiation. After visiting more than 228 campuses,
WAGE and AAUW have not encountered any other campus program that offers such detailed
skill building.
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What benefits does the partnership between WAGE and AAUW offer?

Through our partnership, AAUW and WAGE help college women gain the skills they need to negotiate
a compensation package as they enter the workforce. WAGE has expertise in creating and presenting
salary negotiation workshops, and AAUW has a strong history of working to close the wage gap
through research, policy, advocacy, and campus programs.

With a nationwide network of members, branches, and college/university partner members, AAUW
ensures expertise in delivering programs, creating community partnerships, leveraging personal
contacts, mentoring girls, and organizing activities and events. By collaborating on the $tart $mart
initiative, AAUW and WAGE build on our strengths and resources and engage AAUW members and
campus leaders to help college women.
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What is the fee to present a $tart $mart campus workshop?

The total cost of the workshop is the basic workshop fee plus the travel-related expenses of the $tart
$mart Facilitator.

Basic Workshop Fees

The fee for the use and development of $tart $mart materials for the inaugural workshop at a college
or university is $650. There is a $350 charge for every subsequent workshop.

Travel-Related Expenses

In addition to the workshop fee, the workshop sponsor must reimburse WAGE for the travel and
lodging costs (if more than 25 miles of travel is necessary) for a WAGE staff member or $tart
$mart Facilitator. The workshop facilitator will submit documentation of her or his travel-related
expenses to WAGE, which will then invoice the sponsor. WAGE will reimburse the $tart $mart
Facilitator after receipt of payment from the sponsor.

License Option

A license is available to colleges and universities that want to provide unlimited workshops for
three academic years. This license option also provides benefits for the campus that purchases
the license, such as unlimited access to materials for the workshops and a growing community of
three-year license holders. WAGE will also train three staff members or colleagues as workshop
facilitators for free for a license-holding campus. This license requires a signed agreement and
payment of $1,750 to WAGE.

Cancellation Fee

If, for any reason, the $tart $mart workshop is canceled less than 30 days before the scheduled
start date, the workshop sponsor will be obligated to pay WAGE $300 for time and expenses
incurred in preparation for the workshop.

Facilitator Training

There is a $100 fee to attend a $tart $mart Facilitator training. This fee covers the cost of the
training itself, the Facilitator Guide and related materials, and ongoing coaching by WAGE. Trained
$tart $mart Facilitators receive a $50 refund once they recruit or facilitate their first workshop.
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What are the responsibilities of the $tart $mart Facilitator?

$tart $mart Facilitators are volunteers who coordinate and present $tart $mart salary negotiation
workshops or help recruit campuses to host the workshops. AAUW members, other community
members, and college or university staff may attend $tart $mart Facilitator trainings to learn how
to lead $tart $mart workshops. To date, more than 700 individuals have been trained as facilitators,
two-thirds of whom are AAUW members.
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Can the $tart $mart workshop be customized to reflect the unique characteristics of the students at a specific
college or university?

Yes, all workshops are customized for each presentation site. The campus contact, $tart $mart
Facilitator, and WAGE will work together to customize materials for the campus audience.
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How can I be involved in $tart $mart as an AAUW member?

As an AAUW member, you have multiple ways to get involved in the $tart $mart initiative:

  • Recruit a campus to hold a $tart $mart workshop.
  • Get trained to be a $tart $mart Facilitator and deliver programs on area campuses.
  • Encourage your branch or community to sponsor a $tart $mart Facilitator training.
  • Become a $tart $mart leader in your state by encouraging and coordinating promotion of the
    facilitator trainings with WAGE.
  • Recruit other AAUW members to become trained $tart $mart Facilitators.

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As an AAUW member, how can I use this program to build connections with colleges, universities, and

While recruiting campuses to host a $tart $mart campus workshop, you can encourage them to join
AAUW as college/university partner members. By bringing this workshop to a campus or by becoming
a $tart $mart Facilitator yourself, you can also build connections with individual students and tell
them how to get involved with AAUW.
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If I am an AAUW member, whom should I contact at a college or university to get started?

Consider recruiting campuses in your community that are already AAUW college/university partner
members. Each C/U member has a campus representative who can be your first point of contact. To
obtain the contact information for this campus representative, please e-mail connect@aauw.org or
call 800.326.AAUW. Other potential campus contacts for this program might include the women’s
center, the student affairs department, the student life center, and the career center.
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What is the role of campus recruiters in this initiative?

Campus recruiters can help further this initiative by enlisting campuses in their communities to host
$tart $mart workshops, whether they choose to include the workshop facilitator trainings or not.
Campus recruiters can identify a program or department on a campus that is interested in sponsoring
a workshop, talk to the appropriate campus contact person, and secure a signed commitment to
conduct the workshop. WAGE will assign staff or a trained $tart $mart Facilitator to the workshop
and work with the campus contact to develop a workshop that is tailored to the institution.
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How accurate is the data used in the workshop?

Salary.com, which supplies $tart $mart’s salary information, updates its data every month with all
the information provided by employers for a specific job title, making the data accurate and timely.
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How do I get started?

If you are interested in bringing a $tart $mart campus workshop to a college or university or if you are interested in being trained as a $tart $mart Facilitator, please contact $tart $mart Program Manager
Dorrie Sieburg
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