Spotlight on STEM — Summer 2014

Spotlight on STEM is a quarterly newsletter featuring updates from AAUW headquarters; upcoming science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities for girls; and resources for women in the STEM fields.


AAUW is at the forefront of the effort to get more women and girls involved in STEM. Read the latest news from AAUW’s national office, and find more information on the AAUW website.

AAUW and the Verizon Foundation Join Forces to Teach Girls to Build Apps

This summer AAUW and the Verizon Foundation are launching an initiative to teach girls how to develop apps at AAUW’s Tech Trek camps. Thanks to an $84,000 grant from the foundation, three camps will pilot an apps inventor course developed by MIT, where girls will learn to create apps that solve real-world problems. Find out more on our website.

Inspire Girls Next Summer with an AAUW Tech Trek Camp

Middle school girls all across the country are gearing up to go to an AAUW Tech Trek camp this summer. Do you want to bring this immersive, hands-on STEM experience to your state in 2015? Mark your calendars: The Tech Trek application period will be open from July 1 until September 1. Learn more about the application process online, or get in touch with us at for more information.

Is Your Branch Changing the Face of STEM? Let’s Make It Official!

Many branch and state organizations have made STEM education a priority, and now AAUW branch and state presidents can designate a STEM chair in the AAUW Member Services Database. Designated STEM chairs will be placed on an e-mail list so that they can communicate with other AAUW STEM chairs and with our national STEM Task Force. Name your chair today!


The AAUW blog is a great source for stories from inspirational women in STEM, updates from our national headquarters, news about branch STEM events, and more. Check out the latest STEM blog posts, and find more STEM-related stories online.

To Tech Savvy and Beyond: Sarah Wyatt Sends Her Research into Space

It’s been a busy year for AAUW member and Ohio University plant biologist Sarah Wyatt. Not only did she host an AAUW Tech Savvy event with her branch in Athens, Ohio, she’s also sending her research into space with a grant from NASA. Meet Sarah on our blog, and discover her STEM story.

These Women Stargazers Helped Us Understand the Universe

Despite being confined to subordinate roles, women throughout history have found ways to significantly enhance our astronomical knowledge. Learn how AAUW alumnae and members helped us understand the universe around us on the AAUW blog.

Your Daughter Can Build Apps, Not Just Use Them

Any teenager can learn the skills to program an app or build a website from scratch. So why do only 1 percent of students take the computer science advanced placement exam in high school? Check out our blog to learn how to make the case for computer science in high school and how studying computer science empowers girls.


Girls are discovering STEM programs right in their backyards! Every issue of Spotlight on STEM will preview events and programs run by AAUW branches across the nation. Attend or host an event in your area, and follow AAUW STEM on Facebook for information and updates.


June 22–28

Tech Trek at Tillamook Bay Community College
AAUW Tillamook (OR) Branch

Tech Trek at Sonoma State University
AAUW of California

Tech Trek at the University of California, San Diego
AAUW of California


July 6–12
Tech Trek at the University of California, Davis
AAUW of California

July 6–19
Tech Trek at Stanford University
AAUW of California

July 9–11; July 16–18
AAUW St. George (UT) Branch

July 12–19
AAUW of Kentucky

July 13–19
Tech Trek at Eckerd College
AAUW of Florida

Tech Trek at New Mexico State University
AAUW Las Cruces (NM) Branch

Tech Trek at Southwestern Oklahoma State University
AAUW Weatherford (OK) Branch

Tech Trek at the University of California, Irvine
AAUW of California

July 14–18
IT Is for Girls Summer Camp
AAUW Greensboro (NC) Branch

July 20–25
Tech Trek at the University of Alabama, Huntsville
AAUW Huntsville (AL) Branch

July 20–26
Tech Trek at Pacific Lutheran University
AAUW of Washington

July 27–August 9
Tech Trek at the University of California, Santa Barbara
AAUW of California


Take a look at upcoming educational resources, STEM conferences, and the latest research on diversity in STEM.

Manufacture Your Future

As the 21st century progresses, the manufacturing industry is changing and needs highly skilled STEM professionals to keep up with our ever-evolving technology. Educators, counselors, and parents: Download lesson plans, career guides, and more with this new resource from the Alcoa Foundation and Discovery Education to inspire the manufacturers of tomorrow.


Are you looking for more fun STEM resources just for girls? Check out hands-on activities, and learn about some great year-round opportunities online at Girlstart.Looking for more? Follow @AAUWSTEM on Twitter for the latest STEM news.


Looking for more? Follow @AAUWSTEM on Twitter for the latest STEM news.

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