Share Your Story of Unequal Pay

In 2013, we published a blog series about women who have struggled with the gender pay gap. We appreciate readers’ willingness to share their stories to help us make the case for fair pay to elected officials and in the media. We hope their stories inspire you to share yours as well. If you have a story to tell, please fill out the form below.


Reshma’s Story

A lawyer told her to give up law school because of the gender pay gap.


Aileen’s Story

She has been left with few options besides a lawsuit.


Kerri’s Story

The last thing she expected in bankruptcy court was to learn of her own pay inequity.

A young woman smiling

Anastasia’s Story

She learned too late that negotiation could have made the difference.

Filling out this form gives AAUW permission to contact you for further details about your story. Your story will not be shared without your permission.

  • In this space, provide details about when and how you found out you were receiving unfair pay and what you did about it. We recommend writing your story in another program, then copying and pasting the text into this field to avoid losing your work.