Fact Sheet: The Road Map to Pay Equity

Download PDF — 444 KB

AAUW is committed to the fight for fair pay and closing the gender wage gap. At the federal level, both legislative action (from Congress) and executive action (from the president and his administration) is needed to enable women to bring home the pay they have rightfully earned.

This fact sheet presents the different legislative and executive actions as a “road map to pay equity,” with check marks next to the actions that have already been accomplished – such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – and empty boxes next to the ones that have yet to be accomplished. You can distribute this fact sheet at an issue forum, tabling event, meeting with your member of Congress, or any other event focused on equal pay. You can also use it to help you write a letter to the editor or op-ed.

You can also pair your “road map to pay equity” with a fact sheet that breaks down the gender pay gap in your state and congressional district.