Register Your Student Organization with AAUW

To register your student organization, you will need to have contact information for your officers and identify an adviser. This form goes to the AAUW Board of Directors for final approval and allows AAUW staff to keep track of your group so we can show off your great work and offer help and resources whenever you need them.

Before you fill out this form, make sure you read about how to form an AAUW Student Organizaton.

All student organization officers need to be signed up as e-student affiliates before the organization can be approved. AAUW e-student affiliation is free. You just need to fill out this quick form.

  • School information

  • Student organization information

  • (Please provide the address where your organization can receive mail.)
  • Student organization president’s information

  • Student organization treasurer’s information

  • Student liaison’s information

  • Additional student contact information

  • Student organization adviser’s contact information