Register Your Student Organization with AAUW

Are you creating a new AAUW student org? Great! Let us know with this form. If you’re part of an existing org, you don’t need this form — just make sure you keep us updated on your contact information.

To register your student organization, you will need to have contact information for your officers and identify an on-campus adviser. This form goes to the AAUW Board of Directors for final approval and allows AAUW staff to keep track of your group so we can show off your great work, send you updates and materials, and offer assistance as you plan events that advocate for the advancement of women and girls.

Before you fill out this form, make sure you read about how to form an AAUW student organization.

  • School information

  • AAUW e-student affiliation is free for students who attend AAUW C/U partner schools. Check to see if your school is a member.
  • Before you register with AAUW, you must be registered with your university. Formal recognition provides you with needed local resources, access to listservs, meeting space on campus, and funding. Additionally, it allows you to partner with other student groups for events.
  • Recommended: AAUW at [school name]

  • Student organization president’s information

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  • Student organization treasurer’s information

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  • Student organization adviser’s contact information

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  • Additional Student Leaders

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  • If you want inspiration, check out AAUW’s mission statement.
  • Make sure you check out our resource on leadership transitions.