Apply for a 2015-16 Public Policy Impact Grant

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Who can apply?

Any state can apply, provided they have approval from their state president and board, as well as signed commitments from their incoming state board. Anyone on the state board can complete the grant application; it is not intended solely for state public policy chairs. Approximately eight to 10 states will likely be selected to receive a single state 2015–16 Impact Grant.

What is the area of focus for this year’s grant program?

The campaign for equal pay

The focus and scope of the work should include state-level activities that bolster efforts to advance federal, state, and/or local legislation and action on the campaign for equal pay. A main activity should center on voter education, outreach, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.

What key audiences should you try to reach?

  • Elected officials: local, state, and/or federal
  • Coalitions and allies: Nonprofit organizations and groups or clubs that care about the issue and civic engagement work. Think of colleges and universities, too!
  • Media: Newspaper, TV, and radio reporters who report on your chosen policy issues
  • Grasstops: High-profile business owners, local celebrities, and other community leaders who have the ability to influence elected officials on your chosen policy issues
  • People in your community: Voters you are trying to educate, potential AAUW members, affected communities, etc.

What steps should you take to apply?

  • Download, fill out the application and submit by Friday, May 22, 2015, for consideration.
  • Collect verbal agreement from your incoming state board members to indicate their commitment to implementing the Impact Grant should your state be awarded one.

What resources are available through the Impact Grant?

AAUW national staff can provide resources and technical assistance for your chosen activities, including

  • Two disbursements of $500, for a total of $1,000 in cash assistance.
  • An introductory conference call to review the Impact Grant process and application.
  • Group conference calls with other Impact Grant states, during which best practices, lessons learned, tactics, and skills will be shared.
  • Regular communication with staff to help you design strategies and implement your action plan.
  • Programs in a Box, issue fact sheets, and how-to documents for carrying out your chosen activities and building relationships with your chosen influencers.
  • An on-site visit from the policy staff may also be arranged to provide on-the-ground support.

Who should you contact with more questions?

Patty Snee, AAUW field director, at or 202.785.7786