Programs in a Box Directory

AAUW’s online Programs in a Box (PIAB) help members consider and choose program activities for their branches. Each Program in a Box outlines an activity that could be chosen for a branch, with the “what, why, and how” to implement that program.

Programs in a Box reflect a wide range of AAUW activities and an effort will be made to prioritize posting of programming ideas that help us keep our Value Promise.

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Branch Community Programs

Cocktails and Convos
Cocktails and Convos (convo is short for conversation) is a great way to draw in the community in a fun and casual setting where members and nonmembers alike come together and discuss women’s issues. Use this Program in a Box to market your branch to your community and potential members in a low-pressure setting.

Case Support Travel Grant
Use this Program in a Box to meet and support AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund plaintiffs and highlight the issues they face.

Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School
This Program in a Box includes the findings from AAUW’s 2011 research report Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School, the most comprehensive research to date on sexual harassment in grades 7–12, and what you can do to raise awareness.

Focus on the Fellows and Grantees
Use this Program in a Box to build support for fellows and grantees and AAUW’s education-funding efforts.

Global Issues for Women and Girls
Use this Program in a Box to raise awareness about the successes and challenges facing women and girls in their communities and around the world.

The Invisible War
The Invisible War is a documentary that addresses the way sexual assault is handled by the military. Use this Program in a Box to host a screening of the film to educate community members about this problem and what they can do to make the military safer for all service members.

Re: Action Events
An AAUW Re: Action event is a debate or discussion of a hot, current topic that impacts women. Use this Program in a Box to gather a panel of local experts to reach out and start a discussion among various demographic groups in your community.

Speech Trek
Use this Program in a Box to hold a Speech Trek contest to offer high school girls an opportunity to develop their public speaking skills.

Title IX Compliance: Know the Score
Use this Program in a Box to help high schools reach Title IX compliance in athletics without the threat of expensive litigation.

Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Use this Program in a Box to share ideas on how each of us can help open scientific and engineering fields more fully to girls and women.

Women Interested in Going to School (WINGS)
Use this Program in a Box to help women in your community gain the confidence and information they need to pursue a GED certificate or attend a two- or four-year college. We recommended that you target women who want to return to school after taking a break due to life circumstances.

Branch Fundraising

Life After 50
Check out this video-format Program in a Box to find out how to book the dynamic authors of Saving the Best for Last: Creating Our Lives after 50 as part of your branch programming this year.

The Princeton Review SCORE Program
Use the Princeton Review SCORE Program to provide free workshops and practice exams to women who wish to attend college or graduate school.

Campus Programs

Campus Sexual Assault
Use this Program in a Box to raise awareness about campus sexual assault so that everyone can help end it.

LAF Campus Outreach Program
Use this Program in a Box to help local institutions combat sex discrimination.

$tart $mart
Use this Program in a Box to provide women college students entering the job market with tools to negotiate salaries and benefits.

K-12 Programs

Let’s Read Math
Use this Program in a Box to help elementary school children talk about and enjoy doing math.

Use this daylong event to inspire middle and high school girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and high-demand careers in a global economy where women are still greatly underrepresented.