National, State, and Branch Leadership Positions

AAUW Boardroom

Leadership opportunities exist at the national, state, and branch levels. Activities and organization may vary by branch or state. Other than the specific administrative and financial responsibilities to AAUW, the following job descriptions are flexible according to your organization’s resources and interests. According to the AAUW Bylaws, branches are only required to have two officers: branch president and finance chair.

National Board of Directors Position Descriptions

Candidates should read the position descriptions carefully to understand the responsibilities of all AAUW board members. Candidates for chair and vice chair must have previously served on the AAUW, Association, Educational Foundation, or Legal Advocacy Fund board of directors.

To contact current AAUW Board members, please visit the Leadership Directory.

State Position Descriptions

Branch Position Descriptions

According to the AAUW Bylaws, branches are only required to have a branch president and finance chair.

National Committees and Task Forces

Responsibilities and qualifications for committees and task forces established by the board for the biennium to assist and guide staff, branches, states, and the board in program and project development. To find out about the current members of AAUW’s National Committees and Task Forces, please visit the Leadership Directory.

College/University Representative at Partner-Member Institutions

College/university (C/U) representatives are appointed by an AAUW college/university partner-member institution to serve as the liaison between students and AAUW on campus.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

SAC members provide AAUW staff with firsthand accounts of student needs and ideas for combating sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace, promote AAUW and its programs on their campus, contribute to AAUW’s Dialog blog, and serve as student leaders at the annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).



Judge's gavel

AAUW Bylaws

Policies and procedures for managing the organization.

A multi-racial office team meet and thrash out ideas together.

National Committees and Task Forces

Volunteer leaders implement priorities set by the Board of Directors in accordance with AAUW Bylaws.

Patricia Fae Ho, 2013-15 AAUW President

Board of Directors

Read about the members elected to lead for 2015-2017.