AAUW National Election


2017 AAUW National Election Results

Every two years AAUW’s national election offers members the chance to share their opinions on proposed amendments to the AAUW Bylaws, Public Policy Priorities, and resolutions as well as to select the members of the national AAUW Board of Directors. The 2017 election was a great success, with 11.49 percent of our members voting — more than double the 5 percent quorum required by our bylaws.

Here are the results of the 2017 AAUW National Election. For details about the AAUW Bylaws and Public Policy Priorities ballot issues, please see the election voter guide.


AAUW Board of Directors

Julia Brown, AAUW life member, former Board member, and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Chair

Julia Brown

Board Chair

Peggy Williams, first woman president of Ithaca College and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Vice Chair

Peggy Ryan Williams

Board Vice Chair

2015-2017 Board Director Joanna Amberger

Joanna Amberger

2015-2017 Board Director Susan Barley

Susan Barley

2017-2019 Board Director Janet Bunger

Janet Bunger

Melody Jackson, U.S. Army veteran, educator, small business owner, and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Melody Jackson

2015-2017 Board Director Melissa Cooke Johnsen

Melissa Cooke Johnsen

Dot McLane AAUW Pennsylvania State President, chair of the national Branch Program Resource Committee and STEM Task Force, and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Dot McLane

Leah Sakacs, YWTF Youngstown Chapter Director and 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Leah Sakacs

Cherie Sorokin, 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Cheryl Sorokin

Mardy Stevens, 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Mardy Stevens

Dr. Mary Zupanc, 2017-2019 AAUW Board Director

Mary L. Zupanc, M.D.

Appointed Members

Karen Kirkwood, Minnesota
Eileen Menton, Maryland
Susan Nenstiel, Pennsylvania


AAUW Public Policy Priorities

Proposal Topic Pass Yes No Did Not Vote
1. Environmental sustainability Yes 8,793 268 304
2. Gun violence Yes 8,334 784 247
3. Diversity and inclusion Yes 8,436 379 550
4. Sexual health Yes 8,604 347 414
5. Equity in salary and benefits Yes 8,464 264 637
6. Quality and affordable child care Yes 8,620 263 482
7. Voting rights and affirmative action Yes 7,669 903 793
8. Reproductive health decisions Yes 8,429 521 415
9. Definition of self Yes 8,008 458 899

AAUW Bylaws

Proposal Topic Pass Yes No Did Not Vote
1. Advocate category of membership No* 5,728 2,913 724
2. Eliminate degree requirement No 3,456 5,519 390
3. Moving section on appealing membership Yes 5,886 1,897 1,582
4. Change Nominations Committee appointment date Yes 7,378 933 1,054
5. Eliminate specific voting methods Yes 6,735 1,550 1,080
6. Allow board members to serve as committee chairs Yes 6,538 1,865 962
7. Change Public Policy Program to Public Policy Priorities Yes 7,593 833 939
8. Change the quorum to 3 percent No* 5,400 3,084 881

AAUW Resolutions

Proposal Topic Pass Yes No Did Not Vote
1. Equal Rights Amendment resolution Yes 8,789 292 284
2. Human trafficking resolution Yes 8,543 523 299

*Bylaws amendments require a two-thirds vote.


AAUW Board
Policy Manual

Review AAUW Board policies and responsibilities regarding operations, membership, and finances.

AAUW Board
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Review meeting minutes for information about Board deliberations and get a tentative schedule of upcoming meetings.

Book of organizational bylaws with paper and pen

AAUW Bylaws

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