Membership Tips and Tools: Recruitment and Retention

AAUW members are this organization’s lifeblood, and membership vice presidents (MVPs) are critical to sustaining and growing the membership. But growing AAUW is every member’s business. Here are three things you can do to recruit and retain members.

  • Every program is a recruitment or retention opportunity. Remember to use the AAUW membership campaigns to provide discounts to your new members and win free memberships to give away in your branch. Don’t forget to have your event added to the Member Showcase Calendar to help spread the word.
  • Create a recruitment table at your events; it is critical to remember to always have a supply of join brochures and student brochures. Depending on your venue, you may be able to recruit an AAUW college/university partner member as well. Use the supply order form or contact ShopAAUW.
  • Engage new and current members in annual orientation activities and make sure they are welcomed into your AAUW community through announcements in newsletters, social media, or websites.

Thank you for your volunteerism and leadership. AAUW is your collaborative partner in your recruitment and retention efforts. Here are a few important ways we can support you.

  • If you’ve just been appointed or elected as the MVP, start by reviewing the branch and state job descriptions.
  • AAUW offers several resources to you: periodic webinars, conference calls, and the monthly newsletter Membership Matters, which provides tips and tactics as well as key deadlines. Every summer, AAUW releases the AAUW Starter Kit, which is your online source for key resources.
  • Is membership in your area expanding? Review the branch creation guide to get started and work with your state leadership to complete the state board recommendation form. Another growing trend is online/virtual branches, so if you’re interested, read the virtual branch guide written by leaders in current AAUW online/virtual branches.
  • Remember to use the Member Services Database to access branch and state member rosters, officer lists, and to maintain member records.

If you have any questions about recruitment or retention, contact,, or get in touch with a Membership Committee member.

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