Membership Matters — October 2013

October has been a bear for America, with a government shutdown and debt ceiling debate. Did you know that the U.S. government has shut down 17 times — and that four of the 17 (three in 1977, one in 1979) were over a disagreement about women’s health care? The more we learn about the persistent threat to women’s rights, the more grounded we are in AAUW’s work. Our membership is our reassurance that every woman and girl has a voice; decisions made today will certainly impact all of us sooner or later, and we must speak out together to demand what we need.

This month’s issue of Membership Matters focuses on recruitment across the country using one of our most valuable resources, human inspiration. When potential members are introduced to AAUW, they’re impressed by our work on Capitol Hill; our research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); and the hundreds of local programs AAUW members are conducting across the country. As member recruiters, find what piques their interest and share what AAUW is doing today.

We’re inspired by your passion to make the world a better place for women and girls. We appreciate your leadership, volunteerism, experience, and feedback!

Krys Wulff
Membership Committee Chair
Proud member of AAUW

Christy Jones, CAE
Vice President, Member and Branch Relations
Proud member of AAUW

The Videos and DVDs Speak for Themselves

AAUW created two new powerful videos, on Tech Trek and our Title IX advocacy. Both are must-sees and must-shares!

Oklahoma Tech Trek Featured in Video
AAUW Tech Trek, a weeklong STEM summer camp for rising eighth-grade girls, is growing nationwide. Watch and share this video featuring the Tech Trek camp that took place at our partner member institution Southwestern Oklahoma State University this past summer! Want to know more? Hear from founder Marie Wolbach, who began Tech Trek in 1998 with an AAUW Community Action Grant.

California Members See AAUW on the Big Screen
The Title IX video first aired last month during the final home game of the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks. AAUW of California members tabling at the game got to see the Sparks win, and they had a proud moment when the videoplayed on the Staples Center Jumbotron at halftime for all to see! The video shows Title IX at work promoting equal opportunities for women in athletics.

A Perfect Storm in Austin, Texas

Several AAUW members, state and branch leaders, campus administrators, students, and government officials came together at Austin Community College to discuss a new economic agenda for women that advocates policies promoting equal pay, work-life balance, and affordable child care. AAUW’s latest research report, Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success, was disseminated to administrators, faculty, and students. The popular topic, combined with attendees ready to make a difference, yielded 15 new AAUW members! This was a perfect mix of AAUW’s public policy program, members sharing workplace experiences, and college/university and community engagement. Read the blog and see photos. Contact to borrow the Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success panel discussion DVD!

Small States and Branches Take Big Steps

North Carolina Branch Launches New Website
The AAUW Twin Rivers (NC) Branch gained new members and visibility since launching their very first website. Branch and AAUW of North Carolina President Mary A. Peterson says that Site Resources has been an excellent recruitment tool in engaging both prospective and current members of all ages. Site Resources is a website service provided by AAUW for states and branches. For $119.88 a year, receive a robust website and complete maintenance package. Judy Balsanek, AAUW Twin Rivers (NC) Branch director of public policy, commented that the site allows her branch to have one main location where they can publish all their information, programs, and calendar of events. Judy is happy that the new website has allowed Twin Rivers to become a better and more viable branch. The branch has also recently joined AAUW’s Membership Payment Program.

North Dakota Takes Step to Improve Member Records
Welcome, North Dakota, to the Membership Payment Program! Any and all branches in the state of North Dakota can now join the program and process their membership records using this online resource.

URGENT: Check Your Records Now

Check Your Branch Member Roster Now — November 30 Deadline Approaching!
We urge branch membership vice presidents and finance officers to work together with the Member Services Database to verify your branch membership roster to ensure that members who should be counted for FY14 are included. Those who have not renewed their memberships that expired June 30, 2013, will be removed automatically from your roster on November 30, 2013, and their member services will be discontinued. Report any membership discrepancies to

Recruit a Student

Imagine a Campus Filled with AAUW Student Leaders
In 2008, AAUW started free e-student affiliation for our college/university partner members to empower young women on campus. Today, with more than 800 partner member schools and 5,000 e-student affiliates, that averages to 1,000 new e-student affiliates per year and 6.25 new students per school per year. Now, imagine a whole campus filled with AAUW student leaders. We’d love to reach 7,500 e-student affiliates by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2014. To help, read 3 Ways You Can Recruit E-Students, and share 6 Reasons Why You Should Become an E-Student Affiliate with student contacts. E-mail us your success stories at and put “Imagine a campus filled with AAUW student leaders” in the subject line. We’ll provide a progress update in future issues of this newsletter.

Take Our Survey

We Want Your Opinion of Leader Essentials
In August, membership vice presidents were mailed Leader Essentialsour packet of brochures on membership, the Legal Advocacy Fund, public policy, and fellowships and grants, as well as a list of 2013–14 fellows and grantees. You also received a link to view other resources online. Please tell us what you think; respond to this survey by December 15, 2013. If you did not receive this packet, please contact

Additions for Your State or Branch Newsletter

This year, each issue of Membership Matters will include an attachment for you to electronically cut and paste into your own newsletter. As always, the information you include in your newsletters is up to you, but this section is meant to highlight our monthly theme in a concise way for you to send directly to your communications officers and to engage members and officers in recruitment and retention efforts. This months’ article shares how your branch can take advantage of the Shape the Future campaign.

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