Membership Matters — November/December 2013

Member Engagement and Half-Year Dues

Happy holidays, everyone!

Since 1881, we’ve worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women through our research, campus leadership, math and science education, public policy, legal advocacy, educational funding, global connections, and member leadership. Local and national AAUW engagement opportunities abound in every aspect of the work that we do. Our members look to us as leaders to help them connect with these opportunities.

Engagement provides crucial support to volunteer leaders, and it is the key variable in a member’s decision to stay with AAUW. We have learned that engagement opportunities such as taking on leadership roles, reading Outlook magazine, and attending state conventions reinforce member commitment, and high organizational commitment is a good indicator of long-lasting membership.

In this issue of Membership Matters, we share great stories, resources for engaging members and your community, and some excellent membership offers to boost recruitment during this half-year season.

This is our last call for membership vice presidents to take our Leader Essentials survey. We really need your feedback! Please respond by December 20, 2013.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see you in the new year!

Krys Wulff
Membership Committee Chair
Proud member of AAUW

Christy Jones, CAE
Vice President, Member and Branch Relations
Proud member of AAUW

What’s in a brand? A lot! It’s your organization’s public persona and can show the power of a nationwide community of members, branches, and staff striving for the same goal — but only if we’re all using the same brand! Almost 100 AAUW websites are still using the old logo, visually cutting themselves off from the power of that network. Make certain your branch isn’t left behind. Our vibrant new logo is available in the online Branding Tool Kit, and, as always, the AAUW Connect staff is available if you have any questions.

AAUW Branches and College/University Collaboration

Small Branch Takes Big Steps toward Bridging the Membership Generation Gap

The AAUW Martin (TN) Branch has used several strategies to keep its membership strong. Geographically, the branch grew 180 percent between 2012 and 2013. Located in a college town, the branch networks with the women’s center at the University of Tennessee, Martin, publicizing programs and inviting students to help with activities and events.  Each year, members and students promote AAUW at the university’s Women’s Symposium.

When planning monthly programs, the branch makes sure to include all members in order to appeal to a variety of audiences.

For the past several years, the AAUW Martin (TN) Branch has set up a table in the UT Martin University Center for Equal Pay Day. The branch gives out faux money printed with a message about the gender-based wage gap. The branch also networks with the Girl Scouts and the local housing authority’s after-school and teen programs to encourage girls to dream big about education and careers. Last year, the branch sponsored transportation for a student to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and plans to do so again this year. Members hold monthly potluck meetings during the school year, which students are invited to attend (without bringing a dish). The members and student members enjoy learning from each other.

Hawaii Students Advocate for AAUW and Equal Pay

The AAUW Honolulu (HI) Branch, in conjunction with the University of Hawaii, Manoa, was awarded an AAUW Campus Action Project grant this year. As part of the grant, students held an equal pay fair to educate students on the disparity between women’s and men’s pay and to showcase AAUW’s advocacy resources. AAUW student affiliate Kathy Hanson led the project and set up six tables at the fair, with games and activities that taught students about the issues in a fun way and encouraged them to sign up to take action and join as free AAUW e-student affiliates.  There was fairly high participation by male students, too — an exciting surprise! Other key students involved were Natasha Gray, Hannah Steed, and Chelsea Pelton. See pictures of this event on Facebook.

Florida Branch and College Work Together for Women Students

AAUW Senior Researcher Andresse St. Rose recently visited southern Florida to speak at an event co-sponsored by the AAUW Clearwater (FL) Branch and its local college/university partner member, St. Petersburg College. The topic of the event was AAUW’s most recent report, Women in Community College: Access to Success, and the audience included AAUW members, the college president, and several current women students, some of whom were student mothers. The topic, location, and audience created an excellent environment to kick-start an important discussion on how the St. Petersburg campus could implement the report recommendations to support its women students.

Membership Dues

Half-Year Dues: Take 50–75 Percent off National Dues This Season

Recruit new members right now at the half-off rate, and then submit membership dues after January 1 to get the $24.50 discounted rate. This offer is valid through March 15 and applies to the current 2013–14 fiscal year, so the membership will expire June 30, 2014. And if you use the Shape the Future campaign during this same period to hold or participate in an event that’s open to the public, the deal doubles! That makes national dues just $12.25, meaning you can offer potential new members 75 percent off AAUW national dues! Regular student affiliate dues of $17 are also eligible for these discounts.

Free Membership for the Winter Graduate and Undergraduate

Honor a winter graduate this season using the Give a Grad a Gift campaign. Don’t forget those interns or student teachers in your life. Give them a free, one-year membership to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

Undergraduates attending AAUW college/university partners join for free as e-student affiliates directly through our national website. Membership is automatically acknowledged and renewed each year at no cost for as long as the college or university remains a partner member. After graduation, the student automatically receives one free full year of regular AAUW membership ($49 value).

Member Services Database

Get Your Tax Forms Ready — Monitor Your Giving Online

All members can monitor their membership and giving through the Member Services Database. Go to the AAUW website login page and enter your ID and password. If you do not know your ID or password, use the help features (forgot password, forgot member ID, or first-time login) located below the login box. Then access the MSD to view your AAUW membership and giving history for your 2013 taxes.

Coming Late January 2014: Individuals Can Join Your Branch Online!

AAUW states and branches that use the Membership Payment Program will have the added benefit of new members enrolling directly online!

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