Membership Matters — March 2014

Thank you!

Those are two words you don’t hear enough from us. AAUW is celebrating you during our first Member and Volunteer Appreciation Week (March 24–28). AAUW members and volunteer leaders are the engine of our organization. You work tirelessly to empower women and girls through mission-based programs, recruitment events, fundraisers, and local advocacy efforts to achieve our mission of gender equity. For your dedication, the AAUW staff, Board of Directors, and national committees say thank you!

Take a few minutes and visit the AAUW website and social media feeds (Twitter and Facebook) to read our love letter to you, watch the video staff created, and view the photos expressing our gratitude for all that you do on behalf of women and girls. We couldn’t do it without you.

At the end of this issue of Membership Matters, we have attached a short piece to include in your newsletters so that we can say thank you to members who may not be tech savvy.

With our sincere appreciation for all you do,

Krys Wulff
Membership Committee Chair
Proud member of AAUW

Christy Jones, CAE
Vice President,
Member and Branch Relations
Proud member of AAUW

Important Reminders

  • If you have yet to read last month’s Membership Matters, you missed some very important news — Membership Payment Program updates, important dates and deadlines, along with tips from branches. Please take a moment and review the February 2014 edition of Membership Matters.
  • Also check to see if your branch finance officer received notification from about overpaying dues during fiscal year 2013; these credits must be used by June 30. Simply subtract the credited amount from your total and return the credit form along with your next membership dues remittance.

Membership Staff Say Thank You!

AAUW Membership staff, (from left) Alix Brice, Angela Cooper, Shermaine Jones, Sherie Talley, Christy Jones, LaToya Millet, Claudia Richards, and Daune Cook

AAUW Membership staff, (from left) Alix Brice, Angela Cooper, Shermaine Jones, Sherie Talley, Christy Jones, LaToya Millet, Claudia Richards, and Daune Cook

State and Branch Newsletter Highlights

AAUW Santa Fe (NM) Branch
Jeanne Patrick, Santa Fe branch president, recognizes that the members of the Sante Fe branch are in a position to make a difference in educating children. In their February and March 2014 newsletter she writes, “We are already collaborating with two programs that have tutoring components — ¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club and Girls Inc.” You can use ¡Adelante! to engage and retain your members, too.

AAUW Milwaukee (WI) Branch
The AAUW Milwaukee (WI) Branch is sponsoring a $tart $mart workshop with the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s Women’s Resource Center on its campus Friday, May 9. $tart $mart is a great tool to engage graduating students and to retain them as members of your branch!

AAUW Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst (OH) Branch
Donna Black-Brown, Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst branch president, is excited about the branch’s new website through Site Resources. She writes, “What’s the best way to show the community what AAUW is all about? By keeping our branch website active and engaging to them. It is essential to have a compelling online presence so our community knows that our branch is active, engaging, and looking for new members.”

AAUW Westchester (NY) Branch
The AAUW Westchester (NY) Branch offered its first public relations internship in fall 2013. Intern Lindsay Wilson of the State University of New York, Purchase, wrote of her time with the branch, “These past 15 weeks were a wonderful experience and a pleasurable one to have for my first internship. But my journey with AAUW is not ending just yet. I am registering for NCCWSL in June at the University of Maryland, just another opportunity gained from my public relations internship.”

Additions for Your State or Branch Newsletter

Each issue of Membership Matters includes an article for you to cut and paste electronically into your own newsletter. As always, the information you include in your newsletters is up to you, but this section is meant to highlight our monthly theme in a concise way for you to send directly to your communications officers and to engage members and officers in recruitment and retention efforts. This month’s article shares our appreciation for all AAUW members and volunteer leaders. We salute you!

Cut and paste below.

AAUW Members and Volunteers, We Salute You!

Every day, we ask you — our members and volunteers — to make an effort to empower women and girls. Not only do you do this, but you do it well. From leading our national board, to planning state and national conventions, holding fundraisers, and pulling off powerful local programming, you do so much to help realize AAUW’s mission, and we cannot thank you enough.

With that in mind, AAUW’s national staff have designated the last week of March as Member and Volunteer Appreciation Week. While we couldn’t possibly cram all our thanks into one week, we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate all you do to empower women and to make AAUW the powerful community it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— AAUW national staff


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