Membership Dues Update from the AAUW Board Chair

The AAUW Board of Directors is currently considering a motion to increase AAUW’s annual national membership dues from $49 to $59. If approved, the increase would go into effect starting July 1, 2018.

This increase, the organization’s first since 2008, is necessary to maintain AAUW’s ability to react to current challenges and deliver the services and programs that are a vital part of our mission. Donations are, and have long been, an important part of AAUW’s DNA. Our recent Charting the Course campaign demonstrates yet again how generous and committed our members can be.

It is, however, impossible to budget effectively based on what support might come in. Annual dues are a more stable source of income. They provide the framework for AAUW’s mission and programs. Indeed, a combination of both dues and donations is critical to supporting AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops, groundbreaking research, advocacy efforts, campus leadership programs, and so much more. Even fully funded programs, such as the Legal Advocacy Fund and fellowships and grants, require an ongoing financial infrastructure to work effectively.

Another factor in the decision is how prices have changed since AAUW’s last dues increase, in 2008. It would be difficult to name even one item that has not increased significantly in price during that time period. That means we’ve been paying more and more to keep our programs running. AAUW’s proposed increase comes out to only about 83 cents per month. Just think of the return that investment brings to the lives of countless women and girls.

Once a vote on dues has taken place in June, additional information regarding implementation, lifetime membership, and other details will be made available to members and leaders. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you again for your commitment to this wonderful organization. We are a membership who believes we can do great things together. I know we are all equally committed to ensuring that AAUW thrives and continues to empower women and girls well into the future.

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Video Transcript

What price do you put on societal change? Hello, I’m your board chair, Patricia Fae Ho. The last 17 years that I’ve been privileged to be a member of AAUW have certainly been among the most fulfilling years of my life. I’m very proud of what fellow members and I have accomplished during that time. I also thank you, AAUW’s members, for your continued passion and commitment to our mission.

Your AAUW Board of Directors is currently considering a dues increase of $10, the first increase in nine years, to ensure that AAUW remains strong and able to meet the needs of women and girls today and in the future. In light of that, let’s ask ourselves, “What does my membership really do?”AAUW membership keeps the AAUW community strong locally and rallies new supporters nationally. Your membership feeds the AAUW watchdog that protects against legislative encroachments on our hard-won rights.

[ Video clip of Lisa Maatz, AAUW vice president of government relations and advocacy, testifying on the importance of combating sexual assault on college campus before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training. ]

Your membership fuels the research that asks and answers hard societal questions and brings about change. And it amplifies your voice, because we are so much louder together.

AAUW exists because of you. AAUW is strong because of you. AAUW creates societal change because of you. That’s what your membership is worth to society. What is it worth to you?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to working side by side with you as we continue to empower women and girls.


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