2013 Mandatory Conformance Memo

After each change of AAUW bylaws, the Mandatory Conformance Memo is sent by the AAUW President to State Presidents to guide the required changes that must be made in all branch and state bylaws. The memo delineates the mandatory changes and provides a list of issues that must be addressed in all AAUW state and branch bylaws. A set of best practice guidelines appear at the bottom of the memo. These are included to assist branches and states in the development of effective and appropriate bylaws. These guidelines are important considerations when creating or amending bylaws, as they facilitate legal compliance and effective governance.

2013 Mandatory Conformance Memo (PDF)

This memo delineates the specific mandatory amendments that must be made to conform the bylaws of all AAUW branches and states with the 2013 AAUW (National) Bylaws.

Attachment 1. Recommended “Best Practice” Governance Guidance (PDF)

These recommendations can help branches and states develop best practices for facilitating their mission, protecting their members, preventing unintended consequences, and facilitating good governance.

Attachment 2. Former Mandatory Conformance Memo (PDF)

States and branches must also conform their bylaws to the AAUW Bylaws amendments that were passed by members subsequent to the 2009 AAUW restructure.

Attachment 3. 2013 Voted Bylaw Change Requiring No Branch or State Action (PDF)

This new amendment to the AAUW Bylaws, proposed and passed by the membership in 2013, requires no change to state and branch bylaws.


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