List Your State or Branch Local Scholarship on the AAUW Website

The ever-increasing student debt burden, rising cost of higher education, and ongoing need for education funding is an alarming reality of our times. We know that women earn less than men, even one-year out of college, and thus may have more difficulty than men in paying off their student debt. AAUW’s educational funding for women remains an important element to closing the funding gap for women in higher education.

We are pleased to help branch and state advertise local scholarship opportunities on the AAUW national website and other venues. All applicants will continue to contact you directly and participate in the process as you have set forth locally. Branches and states are encouraged to continue extensive local advertising. We also urge you to review your criteria carefully to ensure that AAUW is making funding available to worthy and needy applicants.

The form for submitting the 2015-16 local scholarships will be available here in September 2014.

This link is sent via e-mail in late September to state and branch program vice presidents and branch funds chairs.