Leader Essentials: A Collection of Resources for AAUW Officers

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As an AAUW leader, you want to stay on top of best practices and hone your own personal leadership skills.

These Leader Essentials, formerly the Starter Kit, include almost everything you need to know to be effective and achieve success in your leadership role.

Develop your skills with the new and improved leader essentials.

What should you do with the Leader Essentials resources?

Read each category thoroughly. It’s a great bird’s-eye view of branch operations.

Make your next board meeting a retreat and discuss how you’ll use the essentials.

Map out recruitment and retention strategies for the year.

Raise awareness of AAUW’s mission with mission-based programs.

Revisit the resources throughout your leadership tenure, as they will be updated regularly.

Need materials?

Every year a complimentary set of brochures is mailed to state presidents, branch and state membership vice presidents, and the AAUW Board of Directors the first week of August.

To order additional, small quantities of brochures, complete the supply order form. For large events, order bulk quantities of materials from ShopAAUW and request a travel kit of supplies for your event display from Connect!

Questions? Call or e-mail Connect2AAUW at 800.326.2289, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern.