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The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) works to challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. LAF Express informs state and branch members about the latest news, deadlines, and programming resources related to our work in the courtroom.

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Topics in the current issue: July 2014

AAUW Members Hear What the Latest Supreme Court Decisions Mean in Recent LAF Call

On July 15, AAUW members from across the country joined LAF staff to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s most important cases from this past term. Members heard a breakdown of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision, which will allow some corporations to restrict their employees’ contraceptive insurance coverage. The call also reviewed Congress’ attempts to ensure women’s access to affordable contraception. LAF staff and callers also discussed the court’s rulings on abortion clinic buffer zone laws, prayer in local government meetings, and affirmative action restrictions.

If you weren’t able to attend the call, you can listen to a recording. LAF will host a preview call this fall to highlight the cases the Supreme Court will take up in 2015. Stay tuned for more information.

Good News for LAF-Supported Plaintiff in Discrimination Case

As you read last month, the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD) recently upheld a ruling in favor of LAF-supported plaintiff Lulu Sun in her gender and race discrimination case against the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. In May the commission upheld an MCAD hearing officer’s 2011 decision, ordering the university to pay the emotional distress damages award and civil penalty and to conduct anti-discrimination training.

The university conceded any further appeal, which means that the MCAD’s ruling in Sun’s favor will stand. We are proud to have supported Sun’s case and congratulate her on this final ruling.

Title VII Turns 50

July 2, 2014, marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender or race, among other protected classes. In the last half-century, we have made tremendous progress toward gender equity in the workplace. But this anniversary also provides an opportunity to take stock of places we still lack progress. Find out more about Title VII and learn what you can do to help fulfill Title VII’s promise.

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