LAF Express — November 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Preview Call Engages AAUW Members with the Court

AAUW Huntsville (AL) Branch member Heather Harwell, AAUW Huntsville (AL) Funds Co-Chair and Co-Vice President Sarah Ragan, and Haley Harwell

Photo courtesy of Heather Harwell

On October 24, LAF Program Manager Mollie Lam and Regulatory Affairs Manager Beth Scott co-hosted a conference call with AAUW members to discuss important cases before the Supreme Court this term. Reproductive rights, affirmative action, and health care coverage are on the court’s docket in the coming year. If you weren’t able to attend the call, you can read Beth and Mollie’s blog post and listen to a recording of the call. We are truly gratified by the many e-mails AAUW members sent to congratulate LAF on the call and to ask for more events like this one.

We particularly wish to thank AAUW Huntsville (AL) Branch member Heather Harwell, AAUW Huntsville (AL) Funds Co-Chair and Co-Vice President Sarah Ragan, and Haley Harwell (pictured above, left to right), who joined us at the AAUW office in Washington, D.C. for the call. Following the visit, Heather Harwell told us, “Words cannot express the motivation and resolve we all felt as we left that night. … The values AAUW represents are what drew me to the organization when I was an undergraduate, and those same merits continue to inspire me.” If you plan to visit the D.C. area, please set up a time to visit the office!

U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Consider Oklahoma Law Banning Medication Abortion

During the October 24 Supreme Court call, we discussed Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice. In that case, the Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned a 2011 Oklahoma law that severely restricted the use of medications to end pregnancy. Before hearing the case, the U.S. Supreme Court had asked the Oklahoma Supreme Court to clarify whether the law banned medication abortion altogether. Last week, the Oklahoma Supreme Court confirmed that the law did in fact ban all medication abortion. In response, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would not hear the case, which means that the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling overturning the law will stand.

Although the Oklahoma law has been overturned, a similarly restrictive state law in Texas may soon make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Stay tuned for more information as the Texas case progresses.

Apply for a Campus Outreach Grant and Connect with Your Local College Campus!

Interested in connecting with college students in your community? Encourage your branch to apply for a Campus Outreach Grant! Campus Outreach Grants offer up to $750 to help an AAUW branch host or co-host a program to educate college students about gender discrimination. In the past, branches have held events on fair pay, sexual assault on campus, Title IX compliance, and pregnancy discrimination. Your branch could use the grant to bring an equal-pay expert to speak on campus, sponsor a booth at an activities fair to help students lobby for more just campus sexual assault policies, or play an AAUW public service announcement and hand out information about Title IX at a campus sporting event. We can help connect branches with college/university partners. E-mail for more information and find the application online.

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