The AAUW Fund Diagram: One AAUW. One Mission. One Fund.

The AAUW Fund: Greatest Opportunity, Greatest Need

The AAUW Fund advances AAUW’s mission by sustaining all our programs and activities.

Your unrestricted gift to the AAUW Fund helps incubate and disseminate programs that

  • above all, advance equity for women and girls
  • strengthen AAUW’s role in the global community
  • respond to and eradicate the persistent challenges facing women and girls
  • leverage new opportunities and attract new audiences to our mission

In short, the programs listed here get results for women and girls. And that’s AAUW’s top priority, now and in the future.

Your gift to the AAUW Fund helps support

Guided by our member-endorsed Public Policy Program, AAUW's local, state, national, and global lobbying and grassroots efforts help empower women and girls.
These workshops prepare college women to enter the job market with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to negotiate salaries and benefits.
These AAUW ambassadors advise staff about college students’ needs, lead on-campus gender equality projects, and help plan NCCWSL.
AAUW Outlook magazine
C/U membership opens doors to AAUW grants and fellowships, leadership training, professional development, and advocacy tools.
Younger Women's Task Force, Powered by AAUW
CAP grants focused on AAUW research help campus women empower other students through projects designed to end the barriers women still face.
These workshops teach working women how to evaluate, negotiate, and convey their worth confidently in the job market.
These daylong conferences seek to interest girls in grades 6–9 in STEM fields and inform their families about STEM education and careers.
America’s premier annual conference for college women prepares attendees to be campus and community leaders.
LAF challenges sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace.
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and so much more!

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The AAUW Fund: FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about contributing to the AAUW Fund that supplies all or part of the funding for every AAUW program except fellowships and grants.

A closeup of a calculator with the number 95,000 on the screen sitting on top of dollar bills.
Development and Fundraising Resources

Forms, guidelines, and tips to help for branch and state leaders plan, manage, and execute fundraising efforts.

Image by Howard Lake, "Keep calm and raise cash at National Arts Fundraising School. #nafs", Flickr
Fundraising Policy 501 and Resources

AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 and its related guidelines and FAQs will help AAUW and all AAUW-affiliated entities stay current and preserve their nonprofit status.