Give a Grad a Gift

We all know that the future of our organization depends on today’s graduates. Did you know that as AAUW members, you can give a free national membership to as many recent graduates as you like? It’s free for you and free for them. You could even gift the entire graduating class of your local college or university! (And yes, national members, that means you too!)

With a gift of AAUW membership, you will…

  • Usher your grad into a community led by women for women, increasing their network to more than 180,000 AAUW members and supporters.
  • Give them resources to advocate for women and girls locally, nationally, or online.
  • Expand their networking opportunities through career development opportunities and community action projects.
  • Keep them current on the events and people that affect their life as they receive Mission & Action, AAUW Outlook, Action Network alerts, and more.
  • Increase their buying power with access to member-only discounts.

The Perfect Graduation Gift

Watch video on YouTube

Play this video at the start of your next branch meeting and pass on the gift of membership in your community this year.

Looking for more ways to engage? How to Celebrate College Graduates in Your Area is another great resource on how to reach out to graduating seniors to share all that AAUW has to offer!