5 Funding Sources for Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Initiatives

You’ve decided to host an event on your campus to help address campus sexual assault. But now you need funding to make your event possible. Finding funding to support campus programs or improve a campus climate can be challenging. Consider these options.

1. AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Campus Outreach Program

Collaborate with an AAUW branch through this program to apply for up to $750 to hold a campus event on a topic such as sexual assault.

2. Campus Fundraisers

Hold a fundraiser on campus and designate the proceeds for campus sexual assault prevention programming or training. Consider hosting an open mike night on or near campus and request donations from attendees. Collaborate with other campus departments to pool financial resources.

3. State or Local Government

Check with your state or local government for grants or related resources to help campuses address sexual assault.

4. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Rape Prevention and Education Program

Reach out to this program, which annually distributes $42 million in funding to support rape prevention activities across the nation.

5. U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence against Women

Get in touch with this office, which annually distributes about $600 million in awards to fund programs that address violence against women and children, including sexual assault on campus.

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