How to Form an AAUW Student Organization

Think it’s about time women have equal pay? Passionate about combating campus sexual assault or promoting women’s leadership? Form an AAUW student organization on your campus to rally students around these issues and more!


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Step 1: Recruit interested students.

Strong social movements require a strong team — you can’t fight the patriarchy on your own! Start by recruiting potential members.

Tip 1: Target students who are already interested in social justice and feminist issues.

Tip 2: Host a themed event or an informational meeting about AAUW’s programs, mission, and benefits so that you can collect the names and e-mails of potential members.

Tip 3: Attend meetings or events of like-minded student groups that may be interested in collaborating with you down the road.


Step 2: Lock down your leadership board.

Step 3: Check if your school is an AAUW college/university partner member.

If your school is an AAUW college/university partner member, your undergrad classmates can join AAUW for free as student affiliates, and you’ll have automatic allies in your AAUW C/U representatives on campus. E-mail to find out who your representatives are.

Your school doesn’t have to be a partner member for you to start your student organization, but membership means tons of benefits for faculty, staff, and students. E-mail for advice on how to bring your campus on board.


Step 4: Choose a faculty or staff adviser.

Your student organization needs at least one faculty or staff member from your school to serve as an adviser. Your adviser will be a great resource to help you navigate your campus culture, keep in line with school policies, and promote your organization. They can also be instrumental in securing funding for your organization and building your network.

Since your adviser should agree with AAUW’s mission, your campus’ women’s center or women’s/gender studies program are great places to start. If your campus doesn’t have either of those, ask faculty or staff who you know are passionate about social justice. Remember, if your school is an AAUW partner member, your C/U representatives are great candidates.


Step 5: Register your student organization with your school.

Registering with your school is in your organization’s best interest, since this often comes with benefits such as access to Listservs, free campus meeting space, and funding. Each school has a designated system to register campus organizations. This usually requires writing a constitution, collecting student contact information, and confirming that you are complying with your school’s guidelines.


Step 6: Sign up your leadership board as AAUW student affiliates.

All AAUW student organization leaders are required to also be student affiliates of AAUW. If your school is an AAUW college/university partner member, you can join for free! For more information on the benefits of becoming an AAUW student affiliate, e-mail


Step 7: Register your student organization with AAUW.

Registering with AAUW means that your organization is officially joining a global community of more than 170,000 members and supporters. We’ll also send you free AAUW recruitment materials, leadership opportunities, and resources your student organization can use throughout the year.


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