Volunteer Application for National Committees and Task Forces

Thank you for your interest in serving on a national committee or task force.
The application deadline has passed.

AAUW Needs You!

Do you want to take an active part in AAUW? Do you have experience and expertise in the work of an AAUW committee or task force?

  • AAUW is looking for enthusiastic and responsible leaders.

Committee or task force appointment by the national board is for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2016. Members may be re-appointed for another two-year term. Applicants may apply for no more than two committees/task forces.

Committee/Task Force Member Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Prepare prior to each committee/task force conference call by staying up-to-date with AAUW policies, resources, and materials relevant to the work of the committee/task force.
  • Plan to participate in all committee/task force calls and endeavors.
  • Accept and complete tasks identified by the committee/task force
  • Embrace opportunities for leadership development.
  • Collaborate — function well within a team, respect differing opinions but work toward consensus.
  • Be efficient and courteous in e-mail communications and conference call interactions.

Committee/Task Force 2016-2018 Composition/Vacancies/Time and Work Descriptions

There are a limited number of vacancies on all our committees and task forces, except there are no vacancies on the Audit Committee. Current committee members, who are eligible, may apply for a 2016-18 term vacancy (NOTE: The Strategic Communications Task Force term will end June 30, 2017). Following is a list of committees with the potential number of committee members and vacancies. Each year, time and work commitments are at the discretion of the committee chair and staff liaison.

  • Branch Program Resources Committee:
    10 members, 6 vacancies
    Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work, phoning, approximately 2 hours a month.
    Works collaboratively with staff to promote the use of current AAUW resources to support branch and state mission-based programs within our communities.
  • College/University Committee:
    10 members, 6 vacancies
    Bi-monthly conference calls, plus additional assignments, approximately 4-5 hours a month.
    Assists staff and AAUW affiliates in marketing and implementing the college/university partner member, student affiliate, and e-student affiliate programs.
  • Finance Committee:
    6 members, 2 vacancies
    4-6 conference calls a year plus approximately 4 hours a month.
    Oversee the preparation of the annual budget and advises the AAUW Board of Directors on the administration of financial matters.
  • Fundraising Committee:
    10 members, 5 vacancies
    9 conference calls a year, plus additional assignments.
    Works in concert with staff to maximize the impact of strategic philanthropic development and donor stewardship.
  • Governance Committee:
    10 members, 5 vacancies
    Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work, approximately 4-8 hours a month.
    Oversees the bylaws and policies of AAUW, the AAUW Action Fund, and the One Member, One Vote process.
  • Investment Committee:
    6 members, 2 vacancies
    4-6 conference calls a year plus approximately 4 hours a month.
    Establishes investment guidelines and policies and has oversight, along with the AAUW Board of Directors, over the investment policies, investment portfolio, and investment activity of its portfolio managers.
  • Legal Advocacy Fund Committee:
    9 members, 5 vacancies
    3-5 conference calls a year plus preparation, case review, emergency votes.
    Engages with staff in the strategic work and case support of the Legal Advocacy Fund.
  • Membership Committee:
    9 members, 2 vacancies
    4 conference calls a year, sub-group planning work as needed, plus additional assignments.
    Assists staff and AAUW affiliates in providing premier-quality member service and fostering a growing, global community of members, supporters, and advocates.
  • Public Policy Committee:
    10 members, 3 vacancies
    Monthly conference calls plus outreach, review, participation in state calls.
    Works with staff in the development and implementation of the biennial Public Policy Program and support of advocacy efforts.
  • Strategic Communications Task Force:
    7 members, 2 vacancies
    Monthly conference calls plus additional 4 hours a month.
    Assists staff in identifying grassroots strengths, challenges, and opportunities for AAUW’s multichannel communications to advance AAUW’s mission