Apply for a Campus Action Project Grant

Do you care deeply about women’s issues? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of women and girls? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We know firsthand how student projects can change a community for the better (after all, our organization was started by recent college graduates). That’s why we provide students with funding and support to launch projects that they’re inspired to bring to their schools.

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What Is a Campus Action Project Grant?

Every year, AAUW gives $50,000 to 10–12 student teams working to create change on campuses and in communities across the country. Students build a team and work with AAUW research to create an action plan. AAUW also pays for a student from each team to present on the project at our National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

Who Can Apply?

To apply, you have to be affiliated with an accredited, degree-granting institution in the United States. Priority consideration is given to teams from AAUW college/university partner member institutions. Former CAP grantees can apply.

When Can I Apply?

The 2015–16 application period will officially open in August, but interested teams can start preparing to apply for the next cycle today! Get some insight on our selection process below, and fill out our form to be the first to know that applications are available.

How We Select Grantees

CAP proposals will be evaluated according to seven criteria:

  1. Relevance. The project goals are aligned with the topic and recommendations outlined in the instructions (details on the topic and instructions will be posted with the application in August).
  2. Project description. The goals, project activities, and anticipated outcomes of the project are stated clearly. The target audience is identified, and the project provides opportunities for student leadership development.
  3. Feasibility. The project time line is realistic, and the team has the capacity to complete the project within the specified time frame (the project must be completed by the end of May 2016). The desired outcomes and goals are reasonable, given the scope of the project.
  4. Impact. The project has the potential to engage members of the target audiences and the wider community. The proposal includes a plan to measure or record outcomes.
  5. Outreach. The project will be actively promoted on campus and in the local community. The proposal includes a role for an AAUW member liaison.
  6. Diversity. The project includes and will reach a diverse group of students. AAUW also aims to have geographic diversity and diversity of school type in the selected teams.
  7. Budget. The budget request is closely aligned to project activities, and there is a reasonable and logical justification for each item of the budget. Matching funds and in-kind contributions demonstrate project support (though extra funds are not required).

Start Preparing Your Application Now

  • Check to see if your school is an AAUW college or university partner member. If so, your application will get special consideration. If your school is a partner member of AAUW, join as an e-student affiliate for free.
  • Recruit people for your Campus Action Project team. Teams must consist of a project adviser (a campus professional), at least two undergraduate students, and an AAUW member liaison. If you don’t already have a member liaison in mind, try asking around at a local or state AAUW branch or ask us for help.
  • Get a head start on the application. While the application may vary from year to year, you can expect it to require an abstract, a project description, a budget, and an implementation plan. You’ll want to communicate how your project will be promoted and how your team’s activities will create and measure impact.
  • Read more about what current and past teams have done.