Candidates for Election to the 2015–17 AAUW Board of Directors

The slate of candidates for election to the AAUW Board of Directors is now available. Select a candidate’s name below or scroll down to see photos, profiles, and other details about each candidate.


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Candidate for AAUW President

Patricia Fae Ho (Massachusetts)

2015 board candidate Patricia Fae HoAAUW’s powerful mission and talented leadership empower us as a leading advocate for women and girls. With our heritage of education, philanthropy and research we effect significant change.

As a vibrant, visionary organization, we continue to strengthen programs and leadership initiatives that bridge generations and communities. We support our members as you create innovative, inclusive ways to increase our mission impact. We build broad philanthropic and revenue support to keep AAUW strong.

I bring invaluable experience as current national President and member of six branches across the U.S. I have served as national Vice President, New England Regional Director, state and branch president in Massachusetts.

As President, I have worked with board and staff in defining Strategic Plan priorities. I have supported development of new training programs and strengthened the work of our national committees.

Through nonprofit leadership, I am experienced in strategic planning, financial oversight, public speaking and fundraising. Professionally, as a leader in gifted/enrichment education and teacher training, I know the power of education to improve lives.

Raised in Hawaii, I have lived in different parts of the U.S. and England, and have led AAUW delegations to Israel, Cuba and Poland. Working with you, I will continue to lead with fresh ideas, versatile experience and wise decision making. Join Patricia Fae Ho on Facebook, Linkedin @PatriciaHoAAUW Twitter


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Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Candidate for AAUW Vice President

Alicia Hetman (California)

2015 board candidate Alicia HetmanAAUW’s structure provides great potential for new opportunities of growth and I am excited about the prospect of expanding our outreach with AAUW members. I am committed to bringing my thoughtful and consistent voice for equity back to the National Board as Vice President. It is important that we ensure AAUW maintains high standards but also to be innovative in marketing membership in new arenas. My years of gender equity leadership have honed my knowledge and developed my steadfast desire to see full equity achieved for all women and girls. I have served in leadership positions at all three levels of AAUW: Branch, State and National and have in-depth experiences in all of the different facets of our work. My passion for AAUW and my work, life and AAUW credentials place me in a unique position to provide guidance, voice, and vision to AAUW. I look forward to visiting with members and participating in discussions as we work to strengthen branch and state structures. My goal as AAUW Vice President is to work with the President and the Board of Directors to provide strong leadership to our membership. If we all work together, we can create a world where equity is not still an issue.

Visit my Facebook page: Alicia Hetman-AAUW Vice President Candidate, to review my experiences. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail to begin a dialogue about your thoughts for AAUW as we move forward.


Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Candidates for AAUW Director

Susan Barley (Missouri/Florida)

2015 board candidate Sue BarleyAs a long time AAUW member and as a lifelong community volunteer, I am well prepared to serve on the AAUW Board of Directors. With my vast AAUW knowledge and involvement on the branch, state, and national level, I feel I am the right person to help lead AAUW into the future.

AAUW has made major strides, in the past few years, as a leader in equity and education, and, as a powerful advocate for women and girls. I will work toward the continued connection of members, branches, and states, working with AAUW national, to build enthusiasm and support to further increase visibility.

I joined AAUW in 1970, as a charter member of the Creve Coeur MO branch, and am currently a member of the Ballwin-Chesterfield MO branch, the St. Louis MO branch, and the Greater Naples FL branch. I am a life member and Legacy Circle member. I have had an elected or appointed AAUW Missouri board position since 1995. Nationally I served on the Breaking through Barriers Major Gift Campaign committee and the Leadership Corps. Currently I am on the Fundraising committee, National Legacy Circle Team, and an honorary member of the Charting the Course Campaign committee.

As a community volunteer in the St. Louis area, I have been an organizer, teacher, trainer, innovator, and leader. I am a life member of the Girl Scouts and a volunteer for 40 years. I serve on a board of The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and on the board of a national organization of regional theatre volunteers. Visit




Maria Ellis (New York)

2015 board candidate Maria EllisMy name is Maria Ellis and I am a candidate for the 2015-2017 AAUW Board of Directors. I currently serve as AAUW NYS Membership VP and President and Founder of the Empire State Virtual Branch:

Gender Equality
We can help achieve Gender Equality through Education. You and I can make a difference in many young women’s lives by offering scholarships and professional development experiences like AAUW’s conferences.

Diversity in Membership
I will work with your branch to reach out to our community colleges and local universities. This will be integral to our efforts to develop and recruit new members and ensure AAUW’s future leadership. Improved Communications and Transparency is vital to achieving AAUW’s mission. Together we can empower women and girls through public policy advocacy, education, research and philanthropy.

Candidate Bio
Since joining AAUW over ten years ago, Maria has been an advocate in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls. She was born in Ecuador, is a Harvard Business School graduate, and earned her BBA and MBA at the University of Massachusetts. She has received awards including the “Woman of the Future” award, sponsored by AAUW NYC and the New York Women’s Agenda. Her professional experiences include working with Bank of America, Lloyds Bank, Citibank and Rutenberg. Maria is a proud mother of two and wife for over 35 years, currently living in New York City and Riviera Beach.



Malinda Gaul (Texas)

2015 board candidate Malinda GaulPlease re-elect me as AAUW Director, so I can continue to bring my professional legal experience to bear on the issue of equitable rights for all women and girls; build membership through outreach to younger women on campus and in the workforce; and work with branches and states to emphasize AAUW’s groundbreaking research in planning programs.

As an attorney (J.D. Baylor University) for more than 30 years, specializing in employment law representing employees, I have a unique understanding of the discrimination faced by all women. This is why I have been involved in AAUW for more than 25 years. I served on the Legal Advocacy Fund Advisory Committee for three terms, helping to select cases for support and currently am continuing my work with LAF as the Board liaison. I have been Texas State President and San Antonio Branch President, in addition to many other elected and committee positions at both levels, so I have an understanding of the needs of AAUW branches and states.

While my greatest passion is for AAUW, I have also served on numerous other state and local non-profit boards. However, I can help improve the lives of more women through AAUW than I can in either my other civic activities or in my professional capacity as an employment attorney.

I am asking for your vote, so I may continue to work for you and for AAUW on the national board. See more detailed information about my experience at: and



Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Sally Anne Goodson (New Jersey)

2015 board candidate Sally GoodsonMy name is Sally Goodson. I was a New Jersey State President, a State Finance Officer, and a local Branch President. Presently, I serve you on the AAUW National Board of Directors.

I have a B.A. and a Master’s in Public Administration. My government business career has trained me to administer non-profit programs with ethical and professional competence. I have worked to create laws and regulations that produce societal changes for women and girls.

I promise to continue networking with state and national lawmakers who remain supportive of our AAUW mission. I promise to continue my personal connection with community groups who help with our pursuit of quality education, pay equality, and discrimination prevention. I promise to continue presenting AAUW’s point of view at public forums and in private gatherings. In addition, I promise to mentor future AAUW members to become elected officials who are fully committed to our vision of women’s empowerment.

I can be reached by email or on my cell phone at: 973-715-4128. In addition, I am on Facebook and twitter at: @Sallygg. My education, work history, community activities, awards, and family status biography is available in a hardcopy or digital format.

I would be sincerely grateful for your vote of confidence for a two-year term on AAUW’s National Board of Directors. I truly hope I can count on your support.

Thank you, SALLY

Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Eileen S. Hartmann (New York)

2015 board candidate Eileen HartmannIt was the promise of an education and a bicycle that brought me to the United States as a child; it is education and service that keep me in motion today. I grew up in Indiana and earned a graduate degree at Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. While I taught English in Ohio and in the Rochester area, I also stayed connected to cultural immersion, working for an exchange program as a sales representative. I recently used those skills to recruit a College/ University AAUW partner abroad. As an employee of Nazareth, I worked in the Education Department to place students in classrooms prior to student teaching, making outreach to the community and constant use of effective communication.

Volunteering my skills and leadership in AAUW New York State as president and in California has provided me with many opportunities for involvement in program planning, project implementation, philanthropy, membership building, voter engagement, and in supporting the value of education to improve the lives of women, girls, and families. Since election to the national AAUW board in 2013 I have served as a detail- oriented, dependable representative having built familiarity with the organization through 40 years of membership. My responsibility as a board member is to set policy, guide the organization in a collaborative manner, use my assets to contribute committed leadership, continuous communication, member outreach, and knowledge to speak and act on behalf of members.




Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Ellie Hill (Montana)

2015 board candidate Ellie HillHello my sisters of AAUW and greetings from the floor of the Montana House of Representatives! My name is Representative Ellie Hill and I’m excited about the possibility of serving on your board. I’m an attorney and a new mom and I’m serving in my 3rd term of the Montana legislature. I’m passionate about social justice, economic justice, and women’s issues. Some of the nods I’ve received include being named by Time Magazine as one of the “40 Under 40 Political Rising Stars in the Country” and the Washington Post called me one of the state’s “Best Political Tweeters.” (That’s Twitter for those of you who don’t Tweet!)

My father, a Vietnam Veteran and blue collar union worker, took one night class a semester for 26 years and we graduated from college together. Education is the greatest gift I’ve ever received, which is why I’m dedicated to AAUW’s “Campus Leadership Program.”

I will also focus primarily on membership development. I want to double AAUW’s members under the age of 40 in four years. My sisters of this generation can’t fight for our future unless we understand, appreciate, and embrace our past. We can accomplish this goal by working on campuses, through grassroots engagement, and through social media. We must meet our women and girls where they are at.

I am a proud product of AAUW and I am thrilled to be a part of our vision moving forward.






Traci Jensen (Texas)

2015 board candidate Traci JensenAAUW members should not just agree with AAUW goals, but live them out. That is why I have much to offer the national board. I have a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and over 22 years of experience in public education and advocating for underserved communities. Currently, I am the president of AAUW-West Harris County Branch in Houston, Texas. We are most proud of our Expanding Your Horizons STEM conference, which reaches hundreds of middle school girls. I am a proven hands-on worker. I do volunteer work with my 15 year-old son and am a court appointed child advocate. I am also a board member of the Spring Branch Family Development Center. This past year, I organized a Right to Vote celebration in Harris County and a luncheon honoring Houston women who work behind the scenes to bring about equal pay, equal access, and community empowerment. My experience with politics includes a run for the Texas State Board of Education in 2012 and I have worked on both sides of the political fence on AAUW issues. I am also president of a political women’s club and am often asked to speak to colleges and civic clubs about public education. My vision for the board involves youth and voice. AAUW should intervene in the lives of young girls earlier by encouraging participation in leadership roles and include arts education in STEM goals. We must be a leading voice in demanding access to quality early childhood education and in making civic education available to everyone.


Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Melissa Johnsen (Colorado)

2015 board candidate Melissa JohnsonMelissa Johnsen has 30+ years of exec. IT/Business mgmt. experience & applies the experience as an independent IT/Business consultant for non-profits /small/midsize businesses: IT/business innovation & strategic planning, business/IT process enhancement & people change mgmt.

Prior to current focus: IT Consultant for CSC. Before CSC, at Express Scripts (ESI) as VP – CAO office. Other ESI roles: VP-Corp Svcs Mgmt, VP-IT Svcs Delivery & Sr Dir.-IT Strategy/Planning. Prior to ESI, held increasingly responsible roles. CIO-Targus & Sterling Commerce; VP/SBC Product Dev- Web Hosting; VP IT Ops/Starbucks Coffee; CTO/Sharebuilder & mgmt. roles at Nationwide Ins. As IT Mgr/Streich Lang, regional law firm, she was involved in developing a Fax Server, now commercially sold.

Melissa’s community service – Marianne Johnsen Endowment: young women studying math at University of AZ, & Melissa Johnsen Family Planning/Reproductive Health Fund at UC Davis Health System: reproductive & family planning ed. With CO relo, completed a 5yr board tenure w/Planned Parenthood/St. Louis & concluded as a board member for Missouri Health Connection, state designated public/private non-profit (ehealth info exchange) & was interim CEO during a CEO search. In CO, she is on NARAL Pro-choice & ProgressNow boards & volunteers w/Planned Parenthood Rocky Mtn.

A member of-Who’s Who/IT, AAUW, Women’s Lobby of CO & Alumni Assocs. for UC Davis & Alpha Phi Sorority. Bachelor’s degree, UC Davis, History.



Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Dot McLane (Pennsylvania/New York)

2015 board candidate Dot McLaneI joined AAUW because of the mission, I am committed to advancing equity for women and girls with particular interest in ending the gender wage gap, getting more women into leadership roles both in corporations and government, and promoting STEM careers to women and girls. My experience spans all levels of AAUW leadership – branch president, state president, national committee chair/member, and a previous role as an elected Director on the national board. Currently I am the chair of the national STEM Task Force, a member of the national Public Policy committee, and state president. Previous roles include chair of the national Branch Program Resource Committee, liaison to the National Girl’s Collaborative Project, and state Program Vice President.

My goal as Director-at-Large is to represent all AAUW members on the board to continue to build AAUW’s efforts in advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research as the preeminent organization for women’s equity while increasing its visibility and collaborations with other organizations; and to ensure that AAUW serves all of its members.

I hold a Ph.D. in Biology, worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, and currently substitute teach in public schools along with my important volunteer work. My extensive experience in programming, advocacy, and coalition-building; and my commitment to our mission, has prepared me to serve on the board. Learn more about me at my website



Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Eileen Shelley Menton (Maryland)

2015 board candidate Eileen Shelley MentonAAUW needs board members who are passionate about its mission and have the vision and experience to address the structural and strategic challenges we are facing. I am that person.

My volunteer and professional experiences have prepared me for the National AAUW Board. I have served as an AAUW branch board member and president and at the state level as Secretary, Education Foundation Vice President, and Web Master. The leadership skills and relationships I developed in AAUW opened the opportunity for me to serve as Treasurer and ultimately as President of VGIF. During my 6 year presidency, VGIF assets grew from $2.5 to more than $16 million; the board transitioned from an operational to a governance model; and, most importantly, the number of grants given annually for grass-roots projects led by women in developing countries doubled. I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice, where I managed IT programs supporting litigators. I currently work as a contractor supporting the modernization of IT support at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As a passionate supporter of AAUW I have funded an International Fellowship, which has already benefited 7 women; sponsored a member of the Student Advisory Council in each of the past 3 years; and supported AAUW funds as an Emerald Donor for the Breaking through Barriers Campaign and as a Legacy Circle member.

I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate your vote. Learn more at





Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Rebecca Norlander (Washington)

2015 board candidate Rebecca NorlanderI bring 25 years of exceptional technology, leadership, and business skills to AAUW. I’ve got a B.S. in Computer Science from Boston University College of Arts and Sciences, as well as two Distinguished Alumna Awards from BU-CAS. I have been actively involved in bringing girls and women into technology since I was in college, including being an active mentor, volunteer, board member, and speaker in a number of women’s technical organizations in industry, academia, and the non-profit sectors. Notable for AAUW STEM efforts: EYH keynoter at Bellevue College March 2013; Tech Trek WA keynoter 2014.

AAUW will be a world-wide leader in catapulting women and girls forward in their abilities and opportunities to contribute and shape society. While my focus with AAUW will largely continue to be on bringing more women and girls into STEM, which in turn will produce additional iconic leaders in today’s ever-more technically focused world, AAUW’s impact on public policy, ground-breaking research, and advocacy will be an accelerant for women’s and girls’ advancement world-wide.

I understand board functions and have served on several, often tapped to chair or co-chair the group. I understand budgets and funding from non-profits, to for-profits, to start‐ups. I am able to create vision and implementation plans for all sizes of organizations.

Finally, as philanthropist I support my beliefs in changing the world with my commitments to organizations like the AAUW and Women’s Funding Alliance.




Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Judith Pfeil (California)

2015 board candidate Judy PfeilExtensive leadership experiences in my profession as an educator, in AAUW, and in other organizations, have given me a way to value others’ contributions. I was AAUW CA Co-President for 4 years, and being a good delegator helped me to know people and their strengths, so as to have them use their time and talent to the maximum benefit of a project. Through effective communication, organizational skills and promptness in getting things done, I have been able to promote and help accomplish many goals of organizations and wish to continue on that path by serving on the board. Having served on the state public policy committee and as chair of the National public policy committee, I have obtained a greater knowledge of legislation and the priorities that are the basis for members’ actions at all levels. I bring many years of participation in the CA Tech Trek program, which has furthered my passion for girls in STEM. I will encourage all states to use Tech Trek to excite girls to pursue STEM occupations. I see AAUW continuing to move forward, committed to leadership that inspires membership growth and enhanced communication. Communication and connection are keys to a better understanding between National, states, and branches. AAUW must stay on the cutting edge of women’s issues such as STEM development and Public Policy Advocacy, which allow us to embrace change and cultivate diversity, keeping the focus on our mission, while adapting to the concerns of women today.

Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Glenda D. Price (Michigan)

2015 board candidate Glenda PriceWhen I first joined AAUW, I did so because I recognized that women in our nation, especially women of color, needed to come together to bring about systemic change in society. Years ago my focus was strictly on economic matters such as equal pay for equal work. However, today, though that matter has not yet been satisfactorily addressed, I recognize that women’s issues are much broader, and in many ways even more significant. I seek a director position because I believe that AAUW has the intellectual capital and the political will to address those societal issues that have a disproportionately negative impact on women, such as education quality, partner abuse, human trafficking, heath care, and immigration. Following my 30+ years in higher education administration and teaching, I believe that I have the knowledge and ability to speak forcefully in these areas, and to work effectively with others to address governmental policy, and public understanding in these matters. My many years of service, on non-profit and corporate boards, give me the experience necessary to participate in persuasive dialogue with others at the highest levels of organizations and legislatures. As a director, I can work to shape the programs which will positively impact women in our nation in the years ahead.

Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Martha Joh Reeder (Montana)

2015 board candidate Martha Joh ReederI am a business owner, university professor, mother of 4 and an active advocate of equity for women. I have served on numerous boards in the nonprofit and academic arenas. While my formal education focused on finance, BS, Virginia Tech/MBA, Lamar University, I found my passion in marketing and management. I teach marketing and sustainable business practices at Montana State University. As a strategic analyst, one of my strength includes my ability to look at a situation/issue, identify the key weakness(s) and successfully bring people together to effect change.

A long time AAUW member, I recognize the scope of service and depth of commitment of AAUW. As a candidate, I reviewed the programs, infrastructure, membership, and our national reputation. I confirmed what I believed- AAUW is well respected and acts on its mission. I did find a weakness, low membership. I compared the number of college educated women to our membership numbers. Our percentage is too low. This bothers me because numbers speak! Numbers spark awareness and strengthen our voice. Numbers provide influence. My focus – building membership! This starts with awareness. Together, we must increase our numbers, increase our voice, and ultimately, increase our effectiveness. It means turning to the women around us and saying, “I believe in you, I believe in us and together we will create positive change.” As a collective voice, we shout louder, we are heard further, we achieve more.

Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW



Pam Thiel (Wisconsin)

2015 board candidate Pam ThielMy AAUW and professional experiences make me a strong candidate for re-election to the board. Extensive involvement with AAUW at the national, state and branch levels has provided me a deep knowledge of our culture and organization. As a Director, I chaired the Committee Appointment Working Group, served on the Regulatory Guidance Task Force, and acted as liaison to the Membership Committee, the Convention Task Force and three states. I previously served on the National Fundraising and Membership Committees and as Great Lakes Regional Director. I was also President of Wisconsin and my local branch.

As the supervisor for my US Fish & Wildlife Service office, I managed multi-million dollar projects and budgets, served on committees that developed national strategic plans, provided information to Congress, and expanded our outreach strategies.

If re-elected, one of my focuses will be to help revitalize states and branches by collaborating with the board and staff for sustained emphasis on member-leader development and membership growth. I will facilitate increased philanthropy by individuals and branches so we can accomplish even more. As a scientist, I will strive to enrich our STEM programs and make careers in these fields a reality for more women. Another personal priority for the board is to position AAUW into the future as the premier women’s organization.

Together we will continue to move our vision into action!

Contact me by e-mail or

Get to Know Your Candidates: My vision for the future of AAUW