Branch President/Administrator Position Description

According to the AAUW Bylaws, branches are only required to have two officers: president and finance chair. The branch president/administrator conducts the business of AAUW in the branch and develops, implements, and oversees all AAUW activities in the branch and community. The following are suggested responsibilities and duties.

Responsibilities to your Branch

  • Convene a branch board of directors to plan, implement, and monitor AAUW activities in your community. Assign other members of the branch to specific projects.
  • Communicate with your board your vision and expectations.
  • Work with the branch board to evaluate previous branch efforts and develop a strategic plan that advances AAUW’s current national and state priorities.
  • Support board officers in carrying out the strategic plan and achieving its measurable goals and objectives, including but not limited to membership recruitment and retention, programs, public policy, diversity, AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund initiatives, and leadership development.
  • With your board and branch members, plan and implement community events and projects that advance AAUW’s current priorities.
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork, link membership development and programming, and weave diversity into all that you do.
  • Participate in community coalitions that advance AAUW’s mission.
  • Serve as AAUW’s spokesperson in your branch and community.
  • Review and monitor the branch’s fiscal health and sign off on expenditures as appropriate.

Responsibilities to your State

  • Maintain regular contact with the state president and keep her or him informed of branch activities.
  • Adhere to all state policies and procedures. Share successful branch programs with your state.

Responsibilities to AAUW

Encourage members in your branch to support national initiatives and programs. Adhere to all AAUW policies and procedures. Support AAUW’s leadership development efforts by nominating branch members for national and state leadership positions.

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will have experience in planning and goal setting, program planning and development, communications, team building, coalition building, mentoring, public speaking, orientation, training, consensus building, intercultural sensitivity and understanding, media relations, and fundraising.

Time Commitments

Along with the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this position requires time to attend branch and board meetings, state conventions, and regional conferences. Attend (or make sure your branch sends a representative to) the AAUW National Convention.

Review the AAUW national, state, and branch leadership positions