Branch Membership Vice President (MVP) Position Description

The branch membership vice president (MVP) oversees efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership in the branch. The following are suggested responsibilities and duties.

Responsibilities of Each Member of the Branch Board

  • Take an active and collaborative role in leading the branch to plan and implement AAUW activities
  • Align branch activities with state and national AAUW priorities
  • Actively recruit new members and engage existing members in activities

Specific Responsibilities of the Branch Membership Vice President

Responsibilities to Your Branch

  • Recruit a branch membership team to help plan and implement strategies for identifying, recruiting, and retaining branch members
  • With your team, evaluate previous membership development efforts, assess current membership and community demographics, and identify underrepresented groups you would like to recruit
  • Develop a membership action plan with specific and measurable goals
  • Ensure that membership development priorities are included your branchʼs annual action plan
  • Work with other branch officers and teams to integrate membership with other branch priorities
  • Seek out opportunities to promote AAUW membership at branch and community events
  • Encourage usage of social media to recruit and retain members
  • Attend and participate in membership and leadership trainings via webinars, workshops, and other opportunities provided by the national office and other outlets
  • Manage the membership recruitment and retention process, following up with your finance officer to ensure proper collection and processing of applications, dues, and fees payments and analyzing data on branch membership renewals, recruitment rates, and reasons for nonrenewal
  • Ensure that the branch has a comprehensive orientation program that provides opportunities for new members to become involved
  • Ensure that the branch budget reflects membership priorities

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Maintain regular contact with the state membership vice president and report on member interest surveys and other activities as requested
  • Adhere to all state membership policies
  • Share successful membership recruitment strategies with your state membership vice president and other branches

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will be skilled at planning and goal setting, communications, marketing, team building, consensus building, and leadership development.

Time Commitment

Approximate time required for this position is one hour per month. Attendance at state conventions and the AAUW National Convention is encouraged.


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