Branch College/University (C/U) Relations Chair Position Description

The branch college/university (C/U) relations chair communicates with local colleges and universities, recruits and retains C/U partner members in the community, and helps to increase AAUW’s visibility on local campuses. Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF) chapters and other AAUW-affiliated entities can use this position description as a guide for similar leadership positions.

Responsibilities to Your Branch

  • Ensure that your branch’s strategic plan and budget include C/U recruitment, retention, and engagement
  • Assist the membership vice president (MVP) in promoting individual AAUW memberships to graduating seniors, graduate students, faculty, and staff on local campuses.
  • Collaborate with other branch leaders and committees to involve students, current C/U partner members, and potential C/U partner members in your branch’s activities.

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Maintain regular contact with your state C/U chair. Share successful recruitment and retention projects. Inform the state C/U chair about activities that occur at C/U partner member institutions in your community.
  • If there is no C/U chair for your state, maintain contact with the state membership chair.
  • Communicate with other branch C/U chairs in your area to leverage programming and funding and to share best practices.

Responsibilities to C/U Partner Members and Representatives

  • Establish and build a relationship with campus contacts in your community so that they know you are available to them. Be able to articulate specific ways you can be helpful in their work with AAUW.
  • Involve C/U representatives in your branch meetings and special events. Invite them to speak about their areas of expertise at relevant meetings. Attend or recommend that other branch members attend AAUW programs and other related on-campus events.
  • Promote the e-student affiliate program to undergraduate students at current C/U partner member institutions. Request that C/U representatives ask their students to enroll using the online form.
  • Be willing to answer questions about graduate student membership discounts and about joining a YWTF chapter or AAUW branch.

Responsibilities to Your AAUW

  • Inform the C/U relationships manager of successful recruitment efforts, trends, activities, and challenges that need attention.

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will be skilled at goal setting, program development, and communication, as well as team and coalition building. Candidates should also have a passion for college student development and community outreach.

Knowledge Helpful to the Position

The branch chair should be familiar with the C/U representative job description and the benefits of C/U partner membership and be able to refer to them in discussion of recruitment, retention, and engagement efforts. A C/U glossary of terms and frequently asked questions guide are available. Trainings and resources are also available to C/U chairs throughout the year.

Time Commitments

In addition to the time necessary to accomplish the above responsibilities, this role may include the time needed to serve on the branch board of directors and other committees as assigned. Attendance at state conventions and the AAUW National Convention is strongly encouraged.



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