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50 Years after the Equal Pay Act, Parity Eludes Us | By BETH PEARSALL

The fight for fair pay has been a long, hard struggle. And it’s not over yet.

Lessons from Eleanor | By SARA KAPLANIAK

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most influential and revered women who ever lived. Find out how you can apply her leadership style to your local activism.

Melissa Harris-Perry Rises to the Top | By GLORIA L. BLACKWELL

Former AAUW fellow Melissa Harris-Perry has become a household name since she started hosting her own show on MSNBC. But back in 2001, she was just trying to make it in academia.

Tech Trek Goes National | By KATHRYN BIBLER

The wildly successful California camps, which introduce eighth grade girls to science, technology, engineering, and math, are expanding to five sites all over the country this summer.

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