AAUW Outlook Magazine — Spring/Summer 2011

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Volume 105, No. 2

White House Powerhouse
Tina Tchen works with the most influential people in the country. In our interview, she tells how the Obama administration is advancing women’s issues and where AAUW fits in.

Lobby Corps: 36 Years on Capitol Hill
For the past 36 years, the AAUW Action Fund Capitol Hill Lobby Corps has been storming the halls of Congress. Their efforts haven’t always been victorious, but they’ve always been memorable.

Shelby Knox: Leading the Next Generation of Feminists
Shelby Knox probably blushes when people compare her to famous feminist icons. But this inspiring young woman is already one of the biggest names in women’s advocacy.

Financial Security: On the Chopping Block?
In their zest to trim the national debt, the new Congress is threatening to slash Social Security benefits. Find out what you can do to nip these proposals in the bud.

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