AAUW Outlook Fall 2013: Going Global

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Volume 107, No. 3

The Shocking Scope of Human Trafficking

It’s an American horror story, but it’s a global one too: Right now, millions of women, men, and children are victims of sex and labor trafficking. But survivors and advocates are fighting back.

Worldwide, Women-Led Projects Change Lives

In the shantytowns of post-communist Mongolia, financial literacy can mean the difference between being in prison and being a successful small-business owner. One grassroots project is teaching women in Ulan Bator how to survive in an entirely new economic system.

AAUW’s New Frontier: Australia

Down Under, women students and faculty face the same sexist barriers that American women do. That’s why AAUW is reaching out to campuses on other continents.

Investing in Women around the World

When women have access to education and an income, there are clear economic and social benefits for not only families but entire countries. Find out why empowering women and girls is so important — and why AAUW is doubling down on our international work.

AAUW at the United Nations

Go behind the scenes with AAUW’s U.N. representative to see how global policy gets made and how you can be part of the process.

Also in this Issue

  • Weaker Voting Rights Act affects women, students, and senior citizens.
  • Women in Jamaica train to run for office.
  • Fair pay advocate Lilly Ledbetter joins AAUW of Alabama’s lobbying team
  • Volunteers take a stand for reproductive rights.
  • Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest novel explores the intimate and the political.

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