AAUW Bylaws

The AAUW Bylaws contain governance history, policies and procedures for managing the organization, and information to conduct AAUW’s affairs. Questions? Please contact the Executive Office.

2015 AAUW Bylaws

AAUW members voted to approve one change to the AAUW Bylaws during the 2015 AAUW national elections.

2011 AAUW Action Fund Bylaws

The last revision occurred in June 2009.

State and Branch Bylaws (under revision)

The AAUW Mandatory Conformance Memo delineate mandatory changes and issues that must be addressed in all AAUW state and branch bylaws.

AAUW Resolutions 1933-2011

The resolutions include principles to guide study and action, as well as general statements of AAUW policy. An Index to AAUW Resolutions 1933-2011 sorts the resolutions by topic and lists the years in which AAUW referenced those subjects in its resolutions.

AAUW Board of Directors Policy Book

Download the manual of AAUW Board policies and responsibilities regarding operations, membership, and finances.

National, State, and Branch Leadership Positions

Leadership opportunities exist at the national, state, and branch levels. Activities and organization may vary by branch or state. Other than the specific administrative and financial responsibilities to AAUW, leadership opportunities are flexible according to your organization’s resources and interests.