AAUW Branding Tool Kit

This tool kit will help member leaders, branches, and states present a consistent brand identity for AAUW. Professionalism and consistency will ensure that your community recognizes your branch as a reliable and committed organization for women’s equity and empowerment. AAUW branding should be visible in all marketing materials and at all AAUW-affiliated events. Use the following tools to support branch and state activities and communications efforts.


AAUW Brand Guidelines

Overview of AAUW’s logo, including usage guidelines, trademark requirements, color palette, file types, and other resources.


Download the AAUW Branding Guide 

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AAUW Style Guidelines

Below are the preferred styles for AAUW-related names and terms. Standardizing your AAUW print and online materials makes you look more professional, establishes consistency, and helps with search engine optimization!

AAUW name

Use AAUW in documents and publications for AAUW members. If your audience is unfamiliar with AAUW, use “American Association of University Women (AAUW)” at the first mention and AAUW thereafter. Do not use “the” before AAUW or put periods between the letters.

Use AAUW Action Fund or the Action Fund for our 501(c)(4) entity.

Board of directors

Use initial caps when writing the complete formal name: AAUW Board of Directors. Do not use initial caps in any other case: the AAUW board, the board, director. Do not use director-at-large.

Branches, states, and affiliated entities

Write AAUW of [state]: AAUW of Oregon.

Using the following format for branches: AAUW Arlington (VA) Branch, the Arlington branch.

Do not use an initial cap if you use the word “branch” by itself in a sentence: The branch officers voted to support the conference.

Use the following format for YWTF: Younger Women’s Task Force Washington (DC) Chapter.

Committees and task forces

Use initial caps when writing the formal name of the committee or task force: AAUW Public Policy Committee, the committee; AAUW STEM Task Force, the task force.


AAUW: Empower women since 1881


National Logos

Download a zip file containing the color, grayscale, and reverse variations of the AAUW national

 Download the national logo

AAUW Arkansas

State and Branch Logos

Download your state or branch logo through the Member Services Database.

Business Cards

This downloadable template can be used to print your own business card on the Avery 10-card business card template. Or create personalized business cards using micro-perforated cardstock sheets purchased through ShopAAUW.

This template was designed to print on an Avery (or similar brand) 10-card template, which is good for these versions of Avery business cards:
5871, 18871, 27871, 27881, 27882, 27883, 28371, 28873, 28876, 28877, 28878, 38871, 38873, 38876, 5371, 5376, 5377, 55871, 55876, 5870, 5871, 5874, 5876, 5877, 5878, 5882, 5911, 8271, 8371, 8372, 8376, 8377, 8471, 8476, 8571, 8865, 8870, 8871, 8872, 8873, 8874, 8875, 8876, 8877, 8878, 8879

 Download the business card template 



Download a favicon.ico image file to use as a shortcut icon on your website.



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AAUW Site Resources

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