AAUW Branding Tool Kit

This tool kit has been prepared to assist members, branches, and states in presenting a consistent brand identity for AAUW. Use the following tools to support branch and state activities and communications efforts.

Preferred logo. Use this logo whenever possible.

National Logos

Download a zip file containing the color, grayscale, and reverse variations of the AAUW national logo.

AAUW Arkansas

State and Branch Logos

Download your state or branch logo through the Member Services Database.


AAUW Brand Guidelines

Overview of AAUW’s new logo, including usage guidelines, trademark requirements, color palette, file types, and other resources.

Additional Tools


Business Cards

This downloadable template can be used to print your own business card on the Avery 10-card business card template.

Or create personalized business cards using micro-perforated cardstock sheets purchased through ShopAAUW.

AAUW Style Guidelines

Use this guide to standardizing your AAUW print and online materials.

AAUW Sample Letterhead

Use this sample as a template for your official state and branch letterhead.


Download a favicon.ico image file to use as a shortcot icon on your website.