AAUW Board of Directors Policy Book

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This manual addresses the AAUW Board of Directors’ policies and responsibilities regarding operations, membership, and finances.

Sections added include:

  • 210 AAUW Affiliate Compliance

Sections removed include:

  • 403 Budget Spending Policy from Investments

Revised sections include:

  • 102 Committees, Panels and Task Forces
  • 103 Special Committees and Task Forces
  • 202 Affiliate Consolidation
  • 300 Public Policy Platform
  • 600 Collaborations With Other Organizations
  • 700 Diversity


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AAUW Bylaws

Policies and procedures for managing the organization.

AAUW Boardroom

State and Branch Model Bylaws

Model bylaws help AAUW-affiliated entities meet AAUW policies, federal, and state laws.

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Leader Essentials

Resources to help AAUW branch and state volunteer leaders accomplish their goals.