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AAUW Outlook, AAUW’s award-winning membership magazine, focuses on issues that shape a woman’s career and influence her earning power. It analyzes the events that will affect her life, family and community. It identifies the trends that will have an impact on future generations. AAUW Outlook covers how Congress handles child care, medical leave, educational and pay equity, elder-care, and retirement. It describes community and action. It reports on employment and financial opportunities. It puts the AAUW woman in command.

Featured Topics

Education. Reproductive Rights. Sex Discrimination. Civil Rights. Women and Health. Diversity. Workplace Issues. Financial Independence. Plus…

  • Articles and interviews focusing on education and equity for women and girls
  • Book reviews and excerpts
  • In-depth profiles on outstanding women
  • Community action projects
  • Legislative updates


AAUW Outlook is an authoritative voice of more than150,000 members and supporters. It is also provided to government offices, coalition partners, major academic and research institutions, corporations, foundations, and other associations.

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