Corporate Opportunities

AAUW is focused on creating win-win collaborations that advance our strategic priorities while developing a unique relationship with your company that allows you to both reach our constituents or to link your company with one of the many projects always underway.

Established in 1881, AAUW remains one of the nation’s leading voices in promoting education and equity for women and girls. With more than 170,000 members and sponsors, 1,000 local branches across the nation, and over 800 college and university partners, AAUW carefully selects corporate collaborations and affinity programs that have positive long term effects on our members and their communities while supporting our mission.


Highlight your company and its products and/or services at AAUW programs and events including its biennial convention and the annual college women student leaders conference.


Reach our predominantly female, highly educated, and empowered members through advertisements in AAUW print publications and online.

Affinity Partners

Contact us for the opportunity to present your product to our more than 100,000 members.