College/University Membership Benefits Students

You want your students to have the best education experience, inside and outside the classroom. Joining AAUW as a college/university partner member is yet another way you can give your students a leg up on the competition. From leadership and career tools to resources and networking opportunities, AAUW can offer your students unique benefits to get ahead.

Don’t take our word for it — ask Bethany Imondi, a graduate of one of the hundreds of colleges and universities that are members of AAUW. Thanks to AAUW, Imondi’s résumé looks pretty good.

Bethany Imondi discusses the gender pay gap on a panel at AAUW.She served on our National Student Advisory Council and gained real-world experience as an intern in our Public Policy department. AAUW also gave her a platform to speak out on the issues she cared about. During her senior year, Imondi talked about the gender pay gap on CNN and on a webcasted panel of experts. She wrote for the AAUW Blog on topics like human trafficking, campus safety, and violence against women. And Imondi helped organize the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, where she introduced global leader Ritu Sharma during the Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony.

Your students can follow in Imondi’s footsteps by taking advantage of what AAUW has to offer. Here’s a look at how we can help students on your campus.

We Build Their Leadership Edge

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AAUW offers a range of programs designed to train students to be leaders. AAUW hosts an annual conference for college women, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, network with each other, and hear from inspiring trailblazers and keynote speakers who share their secrets to success. We also offer programming to lift up the voices of women students on their own campuses. Elect Her–Campus Women Win trains women to run for student government and future office. Students can also expand their influence by serving on our National Student Advisory Council or make a difference closer to home with a Campus Action Project. Students, faculty, and administrators who apply for these programs receive preference if their campus is a partner member.

We Get Them Ready for the Workforce

The AAUW UTEP Student Organization gained leadership skills at the National Conference for Women Student Leaders.Did you know that just 12 months after graduating from college, a woman is already being paid 18 percent less, on average, than the men in her graduating class are being paid? AAUW researches issues like the gender pay gap to help identify critical barriers that women face in the workforce — and we make it easy to bring that research into your classroom or program. For example, more than 125 colleges and universities have brought $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops to their campuses to teach their students about negotiating salaries and benefits — a key part of solving the gender wage gap. Students can also prepare for careers in public policy, communications, development, and more by applying for an AAUW internship.

We Fund Their Education

With the rising cost of tuition, it can be hard for students to pursue higher education. We help women overcome this barrier.

Students start a flash mob to raise awareness.

We Connect Them with a Community

When your college or university joins AAUW, you connect students with a nationwide community of more than 170,000 members and supporters from all walks of life who advise, mentor, and support one another. Full-time undergraduate students at all partner member institutions are eligible to join this community for free as e-student affiliates. Undergraduates at schools that are not AAUW college/university partner members can join for $17 a year. Current graduate students can join AAUW at a special anniversary rate of $18.81.

Your students can connect with each other by joining or starting an AAUW student organization on their campus. Student organizations offer a community for students who are ready to take on the fight for gender equity. After graduation, students can go on to join a local AAUW branch or Younger Women’s Task Force chapter. And of course anyone in our community can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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